Onkai Idol Stage

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Anime St. Louis presents Onkai Idol Stage! This event will be on Sunday, April 28th, 2024 in the Main Events Room. We're looking for talented idols to perform for the Anime St. Louis community! This is not a competition but a showcase stage to show your skills to an adoring crowd!

Whether your group is new or has performed elsewhere, we welcome you to submit a form to participate.  The idols that take the stage will be using a style of performing that is similar to choreographed dancing; with no singing, extreme moves, or high-budget effects expected.  Dress your best and bring your idol star energy as the crowd cheers you on! (Glowsticks not included.)

Applications are now open!


Applications close January 31st, 2024 at 12:00 PM CST (noon)

Results will be sent out by February 5th, 2024


  • LEAD CONTACT - Only the lead contact can make changes to the information. If the lead contact can no longer participate or make decisions, the lead will tell us the new main contact prior to Anime St. Louis.

  • The lead is responsible for the behavior of the group members. If a member breaks any Anime St. Louis rules over the course of the event, it will reflect on the leader/group and will be held for review.
  • Performances may be a “GROUP” or “INDIVIDUAL.” There is no group size minimum or max for those who can perform on our stage.
  • GROUP - Each individual in a group must provide their legal last name for the application.
  • Everyone in the group must present their badge to the Onkai Event Planner upon arriving for their assigned rehearsal and performance.
  • Performing idols can only take the stage ONCE.  This means they cannot perform in one group and then with a different group later, or as an individual and then with a group.
  • TIME LIMIT - Every performance, regardless of group size, will receive (5) minutes of stage time. This starts the moment the first person steps on stage.
  • No projectiles are allowed. (aka, no candy thrown)
  • REHEARSALS - You are required to attend your assigned rehearsal time. We can't guarantee we can accommodate your group if you are late or miss your rehearsal or performance. It is imperative you make your rehearsal time. You will NOT be allowed to perform without a rehearsal.
  • Groups must be prompt in their rehearsal and performance. If any issues arise, please contact the Onkai Event Planner immediately.
  • LOGO - Must be an original creation not belonging to any other established intellectual property.
  • SONG CHOICE - This year, applicants will apply with two songs they'd like to perform. From there, songs are decided by juried selection. Accepted entrants will need to bring the song file to the show and will be provided further instructions on what to do.
  • COSTUMES - Please send us what your planned costumes on the form. They must be convention appropriate. Since there is a lot of movement, we highly suggest wearing safety shorts underneath skirts.
  • REIMBURSEMENT - You are able to check in early and skip the lines for badge purchasing/pick-up. Please go to the Programming Office at the St. Charles Convention Center upstairs to check in to pick up your pre-registered badge or purchase a badge to skip the lines. Also, each entry will also be given a trophy celebrating their participation in this year's event.
  • SELECTION PROCESS - You will apply with videos of two different dances you'd like to perform. You will perform one of the dances after juried. Applying does not mean you are automatically accepted. To provide a dynamic and diverse show, applications will be juried. You will receive results by February 4th, 2024 if you were chosen or not. If you do not hear from us a few business days after, please reach out.
  • Further details about rehearsal, stage, music format, and more will be provided to those who are accepted.