Be a part of St. Louis' biggest anime event!

Anime St. Louis is looking for motivated individuals to help contribute on-site at our event.  Have you ever considered working in either a event planning or hospitality career?  Would you like to gain additional experience?  Do you enjoy volunteering, but yet you still want to step up and go above and beyond for not only us, but for your fellow attendees?  Then we'd love for you to sign up and help out!

We are looking for people interested in either part-time or full-time positions.  All staff positions right now are for on-site work only and may only require a small amount of meeting attendance (amount depends on committee you're applying for).  These staff positions are considered volunteer work and are not meant to be an employee position, but we offer reimbursements and provide what is needed to keep you energized and ready to work.

If you are interested in signing up for staffing, please first read through our FAQ, and then fill out and submit the form below:

How old do I have to be to join staff?
You must be 18 years of age or older to join staff.

Do I have to have any convention experience?
We prefer that if you are joining staff, you have some previous convention, event planning, or hospitality experience; for example being a volunteer at other events.  If this is your first-ever convention, you may wish to start off as a regular attendee or volunteer before leaping straight into the becoming a staff member. The more experience you have as an attendee or volunteer, the more understanding you’ll already have of how events like ours function.

If I’m on staff, can I still wear a costume during the con?
Generally, no.  During the convention, it is important for us to be easily identified as staff. Each staffer will be provided with uniform t-shirts identifying them as staff. This helps to make us easily identifiable for people with questions and concerns. Additionally, we do not wish for staff members to be worrying about the condition of their costumes or having their duties hindered by people wanting pictures. The exception to this rule is if you are running an event or panel for which a costume would be appropriate. These exceptions are usually handled on a case-by-case basis.

Cool, so I can run panels and stuff?
Due to the time and availability constraints that come with staffing, we limit staff members to running one (1) panel of their choice. Unless you are part of the Programming Committee (Events & Panels), you are not likely to have much time to run a panel or event. We do this in order to make sure staff members are able to focus on running the convention itself.

So… we really don’t get paid?
Correct, at least not in a monetary sense. Anime St. Louis is currently run by mostly volunteers. All money that Anime St. Louis makes goes directly to paying for the convention, other events, and toward our charity efforts.  However, we do try to provide benefits to our staff as a thank you for everyone’s efforts.

Will I get to attend parts of the convention or meet a guest personally?
Sadly, you may not be able to.  Since our focus is keeping the event running smoothly, we are sometimes unable to meet the guests we invite or attend parts of the convention we normally enjoy as attendees.  However, just let us know on your application or closer to event time what you're hoping to do, and we'll try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Can I list this experience on my resume?  Can I put down my supervisor as a reference?
If you would like, sure.  Just be sure to ask your at-con supervisor before you do it so they know why someone is asking about you.

Ready to apply?  One last item!

There are multiple teams you can apply for, Programming, Show Operations, and Guest Relations.  Programming is the team behind panels and events and makes sure equipment is running, transitions are smooth, and all of our presenters are able to entertain without any trouble.  Show Operations covers a lot of different duties, including Registration, Badge Checking, Vendors, etc.  Guest Relations assists with our convention guests, making sure they are comfortable, well-fed, on-time for their panels and signings, and having a great time!  Each team has a different application and Director who will interview you, so be sure you choose which team you'd like to apply for correctly.  Please do not apply for all of them and choose only one.  Thank you!