New to Anime St. Louis, there will be an Accessibility Office open throughout the weekend to provide equal access to any attendees who require assistance. The office will be located on the Lower Level of the Convention Center by Registration.

Please come visit us if you need help with anything or have any questions! Things we are able to assist with include:

  • On-demand sign language interpretation, provided by Nerdterpreter
  • Registration and line assistance
  • Accessible seating for events
  • Assistance finding events and getting around the convention
  • A quiet space, located in the convention center in Meeting Room 102
  • Other accommodations as requested to the best of our ability


How to request convention accommodations:

To request line and seating accommodations, simply visit the Accessibility Office and speak with staff there. You will be given a sticker that can be placed on your badge that can then be shown to other staff members in order to receive assistance. We do not require proof of disability to request services and will not ask, and any information shared with us will be kept confidential.

Accommodations can also be requested in advance of the event by reaching out to us at Please be aware that while we will do our utmost to meet your needs, requests for additional accommodations will be handled on a case-by-case basis according to staff availability and resources.


Accessible Parking and Shuttles

There are accessible parking spaces located at the venue.  The venue’s main access doors have opening mechanisms, side doors that are locked will not have these.

Our free Overflow Parking Lot is contracted via The Family Arena.  Attendants there will lead vehicles to designated spots, and trolley shuttles will be utilized on a loop for going to and from the lot.  Both shuttles will have an ADA spot that utilizes a chair lift, and the stop/pick-up spot at the convention center is by the main lower level entrance with an ADA door button.


Registration Line Assistance

The Registration Line, especially at peak times, can take upwards of 30 minutes to potentially an hour or more.  For those unable to stand for extended periods of time, we welcome you to check-in at the Accessibility Office with your pre-registered passes.  While at-door purchasing will also be an option, we recommend buying your pass in advance to save time.


Sign Language Interpreting Service with Nerdterpreter

Sign language interpretation is provided by Nerdterpreter using an on-demand format through their messaging phone line. The phone number and a QR code will be printed in the program book and will also be available at the Accessibility Office.


Quiet Room, Meeting Room 102

This space in the Lower Level of the Convention Center will be set aside to act as a Quiet Room for those needing to decompress.


Mobility Notes

Both the Embassy Suites and St. Charles Convention Center have elevators for getting between their floors.  The Embassy’s elevator is located in their main lobby while the Convention Center’s is located by the hotel link doors connecting the venues together.  The majority of both venues use carpeted interiors with the outer areas being paved concrete.


Lights and Sensitivity

To the best of our knowledge, florescent lighting is not used in either building.  Our main event rooms may incorporate special lighting effects during select performances, and we will list that information here as it is confirmed.


Crowd Size

Our unique attendance number for 2023 was 8,000 and we expect that again over the course of the weekend.  AnimeSTL should be treated as a large, public, indoor festival.  Certain pathways can become packed with people at peak times.


Service Animals

Per the venue’s regulations, only ADA-compliant service animals are allowed in the venue.


We encourage you to stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to ASTL 2024!

Any questions, concerns, and feedback can be sent directly to