Volunteer Registration


Chip in with helping at AnimeSTL and get some rewards as a thank you for your help!  We are always in need of attendees who are willing to help check badges, help with registration, etc. And as thanks for your help, for every 2-hour shift you complete, you get $30 back, up through the amount you paid for your order! Volunteering is also a great way to get your foot in the door if you’d like to join our staff in the future, or if you’ve ever wanted to gain experience in helping with events such as these.

In addition to the base reimbursement, we are offering the following:

  • Any volunteer can earn reimbursement on not just their passes, but other passes on their order as well.  For example, if a Chaperone bought their pass as well as a regular Saturday pass, then they can earn reimbursement back on the Saturday pass after they’ve fully been reimbursed for their own Chaperone Pass.  And that occurs pretty much after their second shift!
  • If one’s volunteer reimbursement amount exceeds the total of the order, the first instance will be considered your limit cut-off.  For instance, if the badge order was $110 and reimbursement becomes $120; the limit will have been reached for further reimbursement but we will not cut it short to be $110 to match the order.  It will be $120.


Forms will be launched soon. Fill them out and send it to be reviewed.  Submissions will be taken all year, and volunteer registration can also be done at the event itself.  Thank you!

Any questions?  Contact us!