Convention Rules

COVID-19 Items

AnimeSTL COVID information:

By attending Anime St. Louis 2023, our attendees understand that there is still a risk of pathogen spread.  Although our event and venues will do what we’re able to help decrease the possibility of contagions, attendees will indemnify the event and venues and cannot hold them accountable for possible illness.

There Will be Mandates Through 2023’s Show Year

As live events return, it is important to note that the pandemic, at the time of this update, is still not over.  While we understand there are attendees who wish for less mandates for one reason or another, we stand by keeping the present con plague group of pathogens at bay to the best of our ability by using a combination of masking and other potential requirements.  Our masking and other potential mandates will continue to be active through 2023's convention as we aim to safely have an anime convention with over 8,000 attendees alongside our guests, vendors, and staff.

Fask Masks & Coverings

Proper face coverings are required in order to be inside the venues, regardless of vaccination status.  We will provide free standard face masks on-site to the best of our ability.  Children also need to be masked to the best of their ability.  Proper face coverings and their practices must meet the following criteria:

  • A face mask or covering that prevents the attendee from spreading droplets that could contain pathogens.  These include disposable and reusable face masks as advised by the CDC.  Currently, N95s, KN95s, and KN94s are the most recommended; but utilizing double masking or a surgical mask are also recommended over only a reusable cloth mask that may not have enough layers.
  • The face mask or covering must stay placed over the nose and mouth while indoors.  If you wish to remove it for any reason, we ask that you step outside please.
  • The following items do not qualify as a proper face mask or covering for our event due to potentially not offering proper protection to other attendees when worn by a possible spreader:
    • A bandana, scarf, or other cloth-made neck and head-wear worn around the mouth and nose
    • A mask with an exhalation valve
    • Masks made of beads, aka Kandi style masks
    • Wearing only a face-shield made of plastic, be it full-face or over only the mouth, without an approved face mask.  These do not prevent droplet spread the same way approved face masks can

Proof of Vaccination or Documented Negative Test Required

To better protect our attendees from possible pathogen spread, we are requesting either proof of vaccination or a documented negative test result when registering on-site or picking up passes.  The test result option is open to all, whether vaccinated or not; no reasons need to be given.

Once either item is provided at Registration, attendees will be given a special wristband there that must be put on one's arm at the station before leaving.  The wristband serves as a clearance marker similar to a badge security sticker to prove that step has been done, as all rooms will require the AnimeSTL badge and the wristband to enter.  To obtain a wristband, an attendee must do the following:

  • Provide proof of fully completing a base vaccination regimen.  Fully vaccinated attendees fall under the following criteria:
    • Ages 12 and above
      • Completed a 2 shot course via CDC recommended brands such as Pfizer or Moderna 2 weeks before April 21st, 2023
      • Completed a 1 shot course via CDC recommended brands such as Johnson & Johnson 2 weeks before April 21st, 2023
    • Ages to 6 months -11 years
      • Completed a 2 shot course via Pfizer or Moderna 2 weeks before April 21st, 2023.
    • Booster shots are not required to be considered to be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines, but we heavily recommend getting one.
  • Proof of vaccination can be provided via bringing a vaccination card with you, providing a picture of said card that cannot be questioned as fake, or utilizing a vaccination record app as provided by select states/regions.  When applicable, staff can request a valid ID to match the person with the proof of vaccination in order to ensure there are no falsehoods.  Attempting to obtain a vaccination wristband via forgery and other falsehoods can result in expulsion from the event without refund.
  • When the wristband is obtained, it must be put on at Registration on the wrists of the individual.  They cannot be put on anything that can be exchanged with another person, such as a lanyard or removable accessory.  Anime St. Louis reserves the right to not provide a replacement if there is evidence of tampering or suspicion of gaining a wristband for an uncleared individual.  Lost wristbands can be replaced with a valid 2023 AnimeSTL badge, ID, and proof of vaccination.

Alternatively, attendees are also able to attend the convention by providing a negative COVID test result from a clinic or pharmacy where the test was taken.  The test can be PCR or Rapid, but must come from a clinic or pharmacy that can provide documentation of the negative test result.  Based on test processing times, we recommend no more than 72 hours before arrival for PCR tests and within 24 hours of arrival for Rapid tests.  At-home testing does not qualify.  Updates may occur here depending on changes in testing recommendations and availability.

Measures such as vaccination and testing alongside masking will help to decrease pathogen spread across the board, and we were quite happy with 2022’s results with mandates and the event.  We thank everyone for their community effort to prevent con plague for 2023!

Bag Checks

The St. Charles Convention Center will have bag check stations at our open entrances during the convention.  No bag types are restricted at this time.  Clear style totes and bags can help expedite the process.

Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our events are required to agree with the following code of conduct. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Anime St. Louis is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of guests or participants in any form.  Members and event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event (without a refund) at the discretion of the Anime St. Louis event organizers.

Be kind.

If you need to submit a complaint or need help in regards to the code of conduct, please find the nearest staff member or stop by the Show Office.

Costume Policy

All attendees must observe county, city, state, and federal laws at all times.  Anime St. Louis is a family-friendly event, so we ask that costumes reflect that idea.  Costumes and clothing must cover what an average bathing suit would cover.  While we respect our attendees’ freedom of expression, we do not consider underwear or similar lack of clothing appropriate.  Nudity and clothing with inappropriate language is not allowed.  Walking in bare feet on the show floor is also not allowed due to potential hazards like stepping on sharp objects, but you can pose in bare feet (just check your photo area before you do).  We also ask that any costume that poses a risk to others (protruding wires, spikes, loose swinging chains, etc.) be examined by security for risk assessment.  If the costume is deemed a risk, we ask that you respect the decision and either change clothes or alter the costume.

Weapons and Props

Anime St. Louis does not allow live steel or any real weapons of any kind (dull metal swords included).  Prop weapons may be made of wood, plastic, foam, plaster, cardboard, cloth, etc.  Fake/toy guns that appear realistic, such as Airsoft or BB guns, must have an orange tip and can not be loaded, but props more based on fantasy may not require the orange tip.  All fake/toy gun props and models cannot be loaded or have any ammunition.  We may request that the prop not have its clip in to ensure this.  Volunteers and security may ask your assistance to prove if the prop has any mechanisms, even if it has already been tagged.  Please cooperate with these requests.

Any live steel weapons that are bought from the Dealer’s Room must be removed from the venue immediately and stored either in a vehicle or hotel room.  If your weapon appears to be too realistic, you may be asked to have it checked at the Registration Desk or Show Office.

Explosives and chemicals are strictly prohibited (this includes fireworks, sparklers, etc.) as are hover boards and wheeled footwear.  Prop skateboards are allowed but may only be carried and not ridden.  We ask that attendees do not engage in mock fighting in the venue.  Please do not use a prop weapon to threaten, endanger, or harm another person.  If your weapon violates Missouri State or Federal laws outside the venue, it violates them here too.  Please ask a staff member if you are ever unsure about your prop.

We currently do not have a size limitation for props and costumes, but we ask that your creations be mindful of a large crowd.  Anything that becomes a fire hazard or constant traffic blocker may be asked to be removed.

Alcohol Policy

The legal drinking age is 21.  Anime St. Louis badges are not valid forms of ID for purchasing or consuming alcohol.  Only a government issued ID or passport will be accepted as a valid proof of age.  Alcohol is only to be consumed in designated areas of the venues, not within the public lobbies, hallways, or in the programming areas of Anime St. Louis.  Public intoxication can result in being asked to leave the venues and/or a revoked badge.  While Anime St. Louis will not police activity outside of convention areas, any underage drinking that comes to our attention will be immediately reported and dealt with by local authorities.


No smoking is allowed inside any of the buildings, including e-cigarettes and vaping.  Please smoke outside, and be considerate of others when you do.

Badge Policy

You will need an attendee badge to take part in everything the event has to offer.  Badges must be visible at all times, worn on the front of the body and above the knees.  Please do not hang them off purse straps or other accessories.  If you lose your badge, you can purchase a new one for $25 at the registration desk, as long as a record of your initial purchase is in our records.  Only one replacement may be bought for the weekend.  Please do not share badges.  Anyone caught sharing a badge will have it revoked.

18+ Events

Some events are considered age restricted and will only allow attendees of ages 18 and older.  Attendees must present a government issued ID in order to enter.  Parents and friends are not allowed to accompany 17 and under attendees into these events.

Lost and Found

Anime St. Louis is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property during the course of the convention.  A lost and found box will be kept at the venues during the event for anyone who turns in items or wishes to claim them.  Possessions left unclaimed at the end of the convention will be turned over to the St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites for any inquiries afterwards.  The Lost and Found at-con can be located at the Guest Services booth near the Exhibit Hall.

Sign Props Policy

Signs with inappropriate language or solicitations are not allowed.  This does include “free hug” style signs.  Signs that promote a business or selling of products and/or behavior without the knowledge and consent of Anime St. Louis are also forbidden.

Advertising Fliers Policy

Please do not post signs/fliers on the walls of the venue.  Fliers may only be handed out if you have a booth at the event.  Soliciting and unapproved distribution of fliers can cause you to lose your badge and be requested to leave.  If you have fliers you would like hung up or placed for distribution, please bring them to the Show Office for approval and distribution.  Unapproved fliers left around the convention can be thrown away by senior staff without warning.

Common Courtesy

Please turn your mobile devices to silent or vibrate when you’re in programming and event rooms.  If you must take or make a call, please step outside into a hall.

By attending Anime St. Louis, attendees understand that they may be photographed or filmed.  As a courtesy, attendees should ask permission before filming or photographing others.  Same goes for hugging and glomping.  Cosplay is not consent.

The convention center, hotel, and their respective parking lots have neighboring houses and apartments.  If an attendee’s enjoyment of the convention occurs outdoors and in the parking lot, please note that noise complaints can occur from both hotel patrons and local neighbors.  Please be courteous and avoid late night loud noise.  Please also be respectful of our venues’ property.

Room Parties and Hotel Use

Room parties are not allowed at Anime St. Louis.  We define a room party as an open door gathering within a hotel room that causes excessive noise and exceeds reasonable capacity; or one that spills out into the hallway.  Please keep your hotel room doors closed to not only help with noise levels, but also for your own safety.  Please respect the hotel staff if they are responding to noise complaints.

Please respect hotel property and avoid having elevator parties or causing excessive noise in the hallways.

Pictures and filming

Events where photography and filming are not allowed will be announced during the event.  Otherwise, photos and filming are generally allowed throughout the venue.  Please respect people who do not want to be on camera, and also be sure to ask someone’s permission before taking their photo.  Cosplay is not consent.

Miscellaneous items

Announced events and programs are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Except for ADA-compliant service animals, pets are not allowed in the venues.

No outside food or drink is allowed inside the St. Charles Convention Center.

Have fun!