Cosplay Marketplace

Cosplay Marketplace

SUNDAY - April 28, 2024
Time TBD - Grand Ballroom B, Convention Center

Tired of cosplaying the same character a million times? Or just moving on from cosplay in general? Then it’s time to sell or trade off your cosplays to the next person at the Cosplay Marketplace! Or maybe you’re new to cosplay or want to give it a shot? Stop by to purchase some second-hand cosplays! Peruse the different items available from different cosplayers, whether it's full cosplays, props, wigs, or even shoes!

Prohibited Items: Contact Lenses & Undergarments

Want to Sell?:

  1. No prior signup is necessary, just show up early at Grand Ballroom B and tell the front door attendant you want to sell! Tables can be shared between cosplayers, we just suggest clearly marking what is yours. All spots are first come, first serve! Feel free to come at any time of the event. Please arrive early to set up! It makes the experience easier.
  2. We will also provide a changing tent for your table.
  3. Feel free to bring a coat rack or dress form to display items.


  1. All clothing must be cosplay related. If it is not, you will be asked to put it away. (Examples being jeans, t-shirts, etc...)
  2. Upon leaving the event, you agree upon the terms Anime St. Louis is not responsible for the price, trades or exchanges done within the event. Please be sure to try on and inspect every piece you are interested in. Dressing tents will be provided.
  3. Anime St. Louis is not responsible for any exchange of monetary value. The transaction is the sole responsibility of both parties.
  4. Absolutely NO food or drink, hotel or convention center provided or not, within the event.
  5. Only second hand is allowed. This is not a space to sell new products you created or on behalf of a company. (This does not include cosplay you purchased/made but have not worn.)
  6. We take theft very seriously. Theft results in immediate removal from the marketplace, future swap meets and possibility of badge removal from Anime St. Louis.
  7. Report suspicious activities to the staff members at the event.


  1. When in doubt, ask questions about the piece you are interested in.
  2. Keep a list/inventory of everything you bring up for trade or sale. Keep track of what you sell/trade and your transactions.
  3. We HIGHLY suggest not letting people try on wigs due to sanitary reasons. However, we will not be policing this and it is due to your own comfort on behalf of the customer and seller.
  4. Label your things clearly with a price, “TRADE ONLY” or price and trade. Make it clear what you’re wanting for this piece.
  5. If you have any cats, dogs, or other allergy-inducing animals that may affect the pieces, please label them clearly.
  6. Always ask before handling other pieces, and ask before trying it on.
  7. Clean your hands before handling other pieces!