In-Person Autograph Policy

  • Attendees are entitled to one complimentary autograph per guest. The complimentary item may not be a Funko Pop or Pop Box (the box that the figure comes in). All items will be signed at the guests discretion. After one complimentary autograph, additional autographs may be purchased at a limit of 2 additional items per line rotation. Purchasing additional items will require the attendee to exit the line and re-enter. Autographs are not guaranteed and will be accounted for as time allows
  • Guests may charge for additional autographs/selfies/videos. Guests set their own autograph prices and all sales are final.
  • Waiting in line does not guarantee an autograph. Guests may refuse to do an autograph/selfie/video at their personal discretion.
  • In fairness to others waiting in line, limit your interactions with the Guests to a minute or less unless otherwise indicated by the Guest.
  • Do not solicit autographs from Guests outside of designated signing times and location.
  • Bulk autographs are prohibited unless arranged by Guest and Staff in advance and may not take place on the convention floor or during scheduled panel times/autograph sessions.
  • Do not touch any Guest without their permission.
Prohibited Items:
  • Bootleg/Pirated/Unofficial Merchandise
  • Items that contain profanity, gore, mature or inappropriate content
Allowed Items:
  • Licensed/Official Merchandise
  • Anime St. Louis badges/program books
  • Fan-creations, including fanart
  • Merchandise/prints purchased from Guest
Gift Policy
  • Guests may accept or refuse gifts at their own discretion.
    • Allowed gifts include: Fanart, small handmade crafts.
    • Prohibited gifts include: Large items, food of any kind.

Failure to adhere to the autograph policy can result in your badge being revoked.


Anjali Kunapaneni

Anjali Kunapaneni is a voice actor and writer known for video game and anime roles that include Dori in Genshin Impact, Ayaka in Fate/strange Fake, Shinigami in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, Sushang in Honkai Star Rail, Margo in Apex Legends, Iseria Frost in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War, Danika in Pokémon Journeys, Courtney in Pokemon Masters, Mimi in Yu Gi Oh SEVENS,  the Grim Player Voice in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Sunita in the BAFTA-nominated Before I Forget, Karin in Fena: Pirate Princess, Shi Qingxuan in Heaven Official’s Blessing, Kaede Foxia in a How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, Yomi in Octopath Traveler II, Sawyer in Boyfriend Dungeon, Class Cutter in Legends of Runeterra, Cardigan in Arknights, Juni in Epic Seven, Cye Ayu in RWBY: Arrowfell, Fuku in Demon Slayer, Ramzi in Attack on Titan, and more!

Briana Lawrence & Sewn Together Reflections (Snow)

Over 20 years ago Briana Lawrence and Jessica Walsh (Snow) were two fanfiction-writing ladies who geeked out over Gundam Wing and Resident Evil. Now? They’re still geeks and still have their fandoms, but they’re also a cosplaying married couple who write books, discuss the importance of representation, and do their best to keep their three butt-head cats in line. (They’re failing. Send help.)

Briana has had a number of publications for various pop culture websites, including Funimation, SyFy Wire, Teen Vogue, The Mary Sue, and more. She currently works as the Senior Features Editor at Crunchyroll where she edits a team of phenomenal writers and writes articles that take a deep dive into anime. When she’s not trying to tell you why you need to marathon “SK8 the Infinity,” she’s working on her magical girl book series, “magnifiqueNOIR.” She also just signed her first two-book deal with Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Snow is also a writer and is hard at work on the third book in the couple’s “Hunters” urban fantasy series now that she’s launched her horror anthology Little Creepers. She’s also had her horror stories read on various podcasts such as “Ghoul Intentions” and the always spine-tingling Mr. Creepy Pasta. Currently, she runs the queer review blog, “Well, Are They?” where she takes a look at various forms of LGBTQ+ content. The blog also hosts Briana’s “Queer Manga Book Club.” When Snow’s not writing, you can catch her (potentially swearing) at her sewing machine, working on various craft projects and cosplay where she designs variations of her and Briana’s favorite characters. Don’t be surprised if you see one of them sporting a “Super Mario Brothers” dress or “Toy Story” inspired ball gown.

When going to conventions, Briana and Snow always bring their best. You can get lost in their books—or heck—you can come by for a selfie and fun conversations about cosplay, anime, ships, or video games. (Use caution: if you start a conversation about Supergiant Games’ “Hades” they may never let you leave!)

Bri’s website:

Snow’s website:

Caleb Hayes

Caleb Hyles

Disney, Anime, Broadway, top 40: Caleb Hyles has done it all when it comes to cover songs! With his big heart, and even bigger voice, Caleb has wowed millions across the globe with a multitude of musical styling and an infectious, positive attitude. Caleb Hyles has a history in musical theatre, having grown up in a family of musicians and thespians. There was no doubt that Caleb was born to be an entertainer of some kind and YouTube become the platform for his talent! Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, DeeDee Magno Hall, and many others for his musical prowess. Ever since his viral hit, “Let It Go”, dropped in 2014 Caleb has not stopped growing his YouTube channel which has garnered over 1.5 million subscribers. By holding Live Q&A’s, and random “Stream Nights” with fans, Caleb has nurtured a growing community centered around one-on-one interaction and a common love for all things music. No other performer, or YouTube personality does as much for his fans as Caleb does.

He continues to produce new content on a weekly basis and is looking to expand his YouTube reach. He recently has released a new original album titled “In One Breath”, reaching a top 10 position on one of Apple’s iTunes charts.  Peace, Love, and Metal!

Cole Feuchter

Cole Feuchter is a voice actor based out of Dallas, Texas. Most notably, you can hear him as Yoshio Asakura (ISHIDA & ASAKURA), Naoto Hamasaki & Archer Springfield (CAMP BUDDY), Lenga Valentine (FULL SERVICE), Lascivion (MISTER VERSATILE), The Divine Speaker (THE DIVINE SPEAKER), Fàn Lí/Zhú Yīn/Dù Kāng/Zhong Li Quan (HEROES OF MYTHIC MIGHT) as well as various character in other mobile games such as SOUL LAND RELOADED. He can also be heard in the anime dubs of THE SAINT’S MAGIC POWER IS OMNIPOTENT, THE CASE STUDY OF VANITAS, THE TITAN’S BRIDE and AKUDAMA DRIVE.

Cole is also fluent in Japanese, earning his degree at the University of North Texas, and outside of voice work, he is also a content creator and was even one of the creators for GAMESTOP TV, frequently featured in the “All-In” segments.

If you want to learn more about Cole, you can check out his Twitter @LordAzria or his website at

GGG Logo


GHOST GiRL GOODS is a kawaii and Harajuku fashion inspired clothing brand from Toronto, Canada. They work closely with the following Japanese brands; 6%DOKIDOKI, NUEZZZ, and HYPER CORE, and have done various collaborations with them. The brand slogan “BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.” encourages others to fear blending in and let their true colours shine, no matter how bright they are! A collection of fun characters reside in GHOST GiRL HQ, which include the 5 monsters who you may even see on various products.

The GGG dynamic duo is looking forward to visiting Anime St. Louis for the first time and hopes you enjoy their colourful fashion, hype energy, and fun panels!

Hard Decora

Hard Decora brings you comics, apparel, and accessories inspired by alternative fashion and the need to be aggressively cute! 

Insta- @hard_decora 

TikTok – @harddecora

FB – @hard decora

Jason Charles Miller

Jason Charles Miller is a critically acclaimed and highly accomplished musician and voice actor. As a voice actor, Jason has appeared in over 100 animated series, anime and video games. Highlights include Halo Infinite, Fire Emblem Heroes (Múspell), Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, World of Warships: Transformers (Optimus Prime), Neverwinter Online (Drizzt Do’Urden), Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (Aston), Genshin Impact, Lost Ark, Star Trek Online, Attack on Titan (Gelgar), World of Warcraft, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Chivalry 2, Kingdom Hearts III, Mafia III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XIV, Hearthstone and the Street Fighter series (Guy).

A life-long Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, Jason hosted the Geek & Sundry show Starter Kit, has appeared on Critical Role (Garthok), is the host and creator of On Tour With Dragons, which appears on the official Dungeons and Dragons YouTube channel, and is the Dungeon Master of The Gaxx Pack, a weekly D&D adventure on the GaryConLive Twitch channel. Jason is also the co-host of Bardic Inspiration, a weekly D&D songwriting show sponsored by Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on the CNEGames Twitch channel.

Jason’s music has been featured on such TV shows as True Blood, The NFL Today, The Deadliest Catch, Wicked Tuna, WWE Smackdown, AEW Dynamite, The Legend of Vox Machina and Critical Role (theme song composer). Video game soundtrack enthusiasts would recognize Jason’s singing voice from the theme song for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s ‘Rules of Nature’ and multiple songs in Cyberpunk 2077. He is also the singing voice of Ra’s Al Ghul in D.C. Superhero Girls. Jason has written songs with Billy Ray Cyrus, Rickey Medlocke [Lynyrd Skynyrd], Charlie Starr [Blackberry Smoke], Ben Moody [Evanescence] and has been awarded 2 gold records (for the Queen of the Damned and The Punisher soundtracks) and 1 platinum record, for co-writing the song ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ for Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. He is also widely recognized as the founder of the rock band Godhead and has toured around the world opening for Linkin’ Park, Disturbed, Slipknot, Rammstein and Ozzy Osbourne.

Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young is a singer, songwriter & producer who independently built a career with millions of listeners with his viral music videos on YouTube. After gaining popularity online with hundreds of covers of nostalgic & nerdy songs from Disney, Anime & more, Young expanded into space-pirate-keytar-metal with the all-original album, Starship Velociraptor. In addition to his own music, Jonathan Young has been involved in music for franchises such as Dragonball, Beyblade & Magic: The Gathering. Jonathan also owns a music company that produces music for content creators such as Caleb Hyles, Peyton Parrish, Annapantsu, Cristina Vee & more ~ and he also co-produces with Howard Benson (who produced My Chemical Romance, Skillet & more) and Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace). Jonathan is currently touring with Caleb Hyles, performing at Conventions across the country!


Ju, Novan, and Vixx are a cosplay group of three known as Juvanixx! This trio is simply obsessed with Vocaloid and have been hard core fans of these Japanese virtual singers since 2010. After discovering these digital idols, their love for Cosplay and Japanese fashion soon followed. Fast forward 9+ years and their passion for all aspects of the craft are stronger than ever! From costume making to photography, set design, filmography, wig styling, and dancing, they love practicing it all!

Juvanixx’s YouTube channel is full of Vocaloid dance covers, as well as some of their own original choreography. Check them out on their socials for a peek at what to expect to see during their performances!

All Social Media:

Kayleigh McKee

Kayleigh is a decorated Voice Actress, Worldbuilder, and Artist from a cornfield in Illinois. She is best known for playing the fan favorite character Yuta Okkotsu in the hit anime movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0, as Pina in Netflix’s highly successful BEASTARS, and as Testament in the classic fighting game Guilty Gear Strive. She is one of few Transgender women in professional voice over blazing a new path in the realm of acting for anime, cartoons, and games. Her most striking attribute is her ability to portray a vast range of characters masculine, feminine and further, as well as just being an overall goof!

Kevin Bolk

Kevin Bolk (K-Bo to his fans) is an artist, designer, writer, collector, and all around junk culture junkie. Bolk’s work has been featured in Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, Udon Entertainment, Oxford University Press, Tokyopop,, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Cracked, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, and more! These days produces his own comics and art with a retro childhood flair. Most triumphant!

Kiba Walker

Kiba Walker is a voice actor and performer based out of Dallas, Texas. His most notable roles in anime are in Haikyuu!! (Koganegawa/Komi), Tomodachi Game (Manabu), The Heike Story (Kiyotsune), My Hero Academia (Cider House Leader), How the Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (Brad Joker), Black Clover (Paplo), The Titan’s Bride (Caius Lao Bistail), HoriMiya (Tanihara), Sasaki and Miyano (Kouhai), 86: EightySix (Marcel), Junji Ito Collection (Tsukano), Back Arrow (Gote), BOFURI (Christmas Rose), Edens Zero (Younger Foote Brother), Magatsu Wahrheit Zuerst (Jade), Saint Seiya (Scylla Io), Kono Oto Tomare (Naoya), Case File Kabukicho (Diana), Skate Leading Stars (Irie), Ishida and Asakura (Oppai-seijin), Cautious Hero (Kebono), and Cells at Work!! (Mumps Virus).

You can also hear him in Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Garo Vanishing Line, Fruits Basket, One Piece, The Case Study of Vanitas, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Lupin III: Prison of the Past, Radiant, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Battle of Kimluck, Zombie Land Saga Revenge, and more.

In video games, you can hear him in Genshin Impact (Xu Liuishi), Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Long Bronzed Gilbert), Contra Returns (Pulse Williams), GYEE (Caius), Camp Buddy (Keitaro/Yoshinori), Full Service (Sota), Earthlock (Amon/Gnart), and more.

Kiba is also a full time drag performer, under the name Salem Moon, and has also directed and written for English dubs of anime.

Kira Buckland Profile Picture

Kira Buckland

Kira Buckland is a voice actress born and raised in Alaska and currently based in southern California. She is best known as the English voice of “Jolyne Cujoh” in her favorite series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

Some of Kira’s popular video game credits include NieR: Automata (2B), Genshin Impact (Kuki Shinobu), Soulcalibur VI (Talim & 2B), BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Heart), River City Girls (Kyoko), Street Fighter V (Falke), Fire Emblem Heroes (Eirika & Katarina), Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (Trucy), Tales of Zestiria (Edna), Danganronpa 2 (Hiyoko Saionji), Danganronpa V3 (Kirumi Tojo), Disgaea 5 (Seraphina), Dead or Alive 5 & 6 (Honoka), Dislyte (Brynn), Persona 5 Strikers (Kuon Ichinose), and many more.

Anime credits include Kakegurui (Mary), Demon Slayer (Mitsuri), Edens Zero (Rebecca), YashaHime: Princess Half-Demon (Setsuna), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Reimi), Komi Can’t Communicate (Makeru), Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (Princess Syalis), Tower of God (Yuri), Magia Record (Iroha), Love Live: School Idol Project (Umi), Accel World (Kuroyukihime), Blue Exorcist (Izumo), Sailor Moon (Mimete), Hunter x Hunter (Zushi), and ReZero (Beatrice). Kira’s other interests include coffee, cats, classic rock, fighting games, and Pokemon GO. She is also the founder of the Voice Acting Club, a community linking voice talent and content creators around the world.

Twitter: KiraBuckland

Instagram: killercoffeequeen

Facebook: KiraVoices

Twitch: msziggystardust

Lulu Van Hoagland

Lulu Van Hoagland’s work focuses on mental health and emotional struggles. Eyes, tears, and detached body parts abound in an attempt to explain invisible pain in a visible space.

Socials: Instagram @luluvanhoagland

Oriana Perón

Oriana Perón is a cosplaying, costume, and fashion designing, drag queen. She has been cosplaying since 2006 when this nerdy hobby turned into a passionate career. Oriana has studied theatre and costume design at Indiana University and continues her studies with a focus on fashion design, metalsmithing, and jewelry. Recently, Oriana has produced and performed her Drag Race and Drag Show events at Ohayocon, Anime Magic, AnimeNext, C2E2, Matsuricon, and ACEN. Oriana currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana and is a producer and host for her shows, “World of Fantasy” and “World of Gayming” at The Back
Door. Her favorite thing is dressing up like cartoon moms and sending memes to all her friends. Oriana looks forward to conventions coming back and seeing all her friends and fans again! You can find Oriana online at:

Pop Princess

Since its launch in 2011, brand Pop Princess strives to embody the pastel sweet and gothic coexisting within, each design lovingly handmade with thoughtful intention to ensure one feels as unique as they are: a work of art. The designer strives to uphold artisan values of slow fashion with thoughtful intention, creating inclusive designs for the LGBTQIA community and giving back to fight social injustice.

Socials: Instagram @ pop.princess.designs

Pros and Cons Cosplay

Pros and Cons Cosplay are twin Master-level cosplayers from the Midwest who have a strong understanding of cosplay construction, cosplay competition and diversity and inclusion. They have competed and won numerous awards for cosplay craftsmanship and performance and focus on complex builds with multiple design elements including needlework, foamwork, wig styling, and intricate detailing. They are dedicated to making the cosplay community a safe and inclusive space for all, and work personally and professionally on developing inclusive cosplay contest policies, educating the community on bystander intervention techniques, social justice and inclusion in the cosplay and costuming community.

Social Media: Facebook:




Sapphire, a Nigerian-American singer and voice actress


A Nigerian American voice actress and singer based in Texas. Cassie has been providing voice over for video games, anime, commercial, and corporate projects for several years. She is best known for her roles in SMITE (Hi-Rez) as Yemoja, Kemono Jihen (FUNimation) as Akira, Lake (WhiteThorn Games) as Kay Evans, Flipping Death (Zoink! Games) as Penny, Cris Tales (Modus Games) as Lucia, and many more! Cassie has provided voice over in the latest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean dub and BELLE (movie). She also runs a YouTube music channel with over 200k subscribers, under the name “Sapphire”, where she shares song covers of anime and video game music!

Wig-Wig Cosplay

Wig-Wig Cosplay

Wig-Wig Cosplay is an award-winning cosplay duo out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. WigTall and WigSmall have been cosplaying together since 2013 and have enjoyed traveling the country with costumes in tow. In 2019, they were the Team USA representatives for the International Cosplay League in Madrid, Spain, where they won first place in the duo category! They are best known for their combination of technical sewing and fabrication skills with entertaining performances. Their list of self-taught specialties includes sewing, leatherwork, foamwork, wig-styling, propwork, silk painting, and many more. Alongside competition, they have been judging craftsmanship and performance as well as working to promote and assist cosplay departments and competitions. When not in the greenroom, Wig-Wig Cosplay has a passion for learning new techniques and skills, and they love sharing their knowledge and experience with the community.

Photo credit: dondolcephotography