In-Person Autograph Policy

  • Attendees are entitled to one complimentary autograph per guest. The complimentary item may not be a Funko Pop or Pop Box (the box that the figure comes in). All items will be signed at the guests discretion. After one complimentary autograph, additional autographs may be purchased at a limit of 2 additional items per line rotation. Purchasing additional items will require the attendee to exit the line and re-enter. Autographs are not guaranteed and will be accounted for as time allows
  • Guests may charge for additional autographs/selfies/videos. Guests set their own autograph prices and all sales are final.
  • Waiting in line does not guarantee an autograph. Guests may refuse to do an autograph/selfie/video at their personal discretion.
  • In fairness to others waiting in line, limit your interactions with the Guests to a minute or less unless otherwise indicated by the Guest.
  • Do not solicit autographs from Guests outside of designated signing times and location.
  • Bulk autographs are prohibited unless arranged by Guest and Staff in advance and may not take place on the convention floor or during scheduled panel times/autograph sessions.
  • Do not touch any Guest without their permission.
Prohibited Items:
  • Bootleg/Pirated/Unofficial Merchandise
  • Items that contain profanity, gore, mature or inappropriate content
Allowed Items:
  • Licensed/Official Merchandise
  • Anime St. Louis badges/program books
  • Fan-creations, including fanart
  • Merchandise/prints purchased from Guest
Gift Policy
  • Guests may accept or refuse gifts at their own discretion.
    • Allowed gifts include: Fanart, small handmade crafts.
    • Prohibited gifts include: Large items, food of any kind.

Failure to adhere to the autograph policy can result in your badge being revoked.


Alejandro Saab

Alejandro Saab is a professional voice actor as well as content creator known as either KaggyFilms or CyYuVtuber; From time to time will sing song covers under the name We.B.  He’s best known for voicing characters such as Cyno in Genshin Impact, Leon in Pokémon Journeys, Yuri in Fire Emblem Three Houses, Miyamura in Horimiya, Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends, Cheng Xiaoshi in Link Click, Kuga in Food Wars, Kaigaku in Demon Slayer, Tatsuya Shiba in Irregular at Magic High School, Kensuke Aida in Evangelion, L’Arc Berc in Rising of the Shield Hero, Trebol in One Piece, Uno in Nanbaka, Tsukauchi in My Hero Academia, Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail, Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise, and many others. He has recently announced he will voice Akihiko in Persona 3 Reload!  Alejandro also primarily posts content online as a Vtuber known as CyYuVtuber! He has amassed an audience on TikTok of 800,000+ followers, 175,000+ on Twitch and more on YouTube! Check out his work @cyyuvtuber

Dawn M. Bennett

Dawn M. Bennett is a Los Angeles-based voice actor who has worked with Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, BANDAI NAMCO, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, Sony Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment, ATLUS, miHoYo, Bethesda Softworks, Buzzfeed, Capcom, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, NIS America, and Devsisters.

Her extensive list of voice acting roles in animation include notable performances such as Kale/Kefla in Dragon Ball Super, Frosch in Fairy Tail, Setsuna Tokage in My Hero Academia, Lusamine in Pokémon: Evolutions, Marnie in Pokémon: Twilight Wings, Frieda Reiss in Attack on Titan, Elm Ederne and An Ren in RWBY, Frederica Baumann in Re:Zero, Shizue Izawa in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Neiru Aonuma in Wonder Egg Priority, Sody Pop in Chikn Nuggit, Zora Salazar in Epithet Erased, and Sirena in The Lovers.

Her notable video game credits include Kale/Kefla in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Legends, and Xenoverse 2, Aigis in Persona 3: Reload, Shez (Female) from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Ullr from Fire Emblem Heroes, The Herald in Fortnite, Twizzly Gummy Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom, Yukong in Honkai: Star Rail, Svipdagr the Cold in God of War Ragnarök, Khazasha in The Elder Scrolls: Online, Ilsa in Granblue Fantasy: Versus, Mariabell Crois in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Michelle Bouquet from Tales of Luminaria, and Aprilis in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.

Emi Lo

Emi Lo is a Taiwanese/Chinese-American voice actor and director. They are most well known for voicing Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Rena in Higurashi When They Cry, Rinku in D4DJ, Suma in Demon Slayer, Columbina/Damselette in Genshin Impact, Uta in Bubble, Hei in The Legend of Hei, Destiny in takt op. Destiny, Shuten Douji in Fate/Grand Order, Kate in Shadows House, Mirai in Dr. Stone, and Evelyn in Pokemon Masters EX, but can be heard in countless other anime and video games.

When Emi is not acting, they can be found playing piano, playing video games, cosplaying, modeling, singing, eating, or exploring natural and man-made ruins. They also have an absolutely precious but spoiled Siberian cat named Noctis that has never done anything wrong and is incredibly cute and fluffy.

Visit their Twitter (@kitsunesqueak) for updates and pictures of their fluffy child.

Oriana Perón

Oriana Perón is a cosplaying, costume, and fashion designing, drag queen. She has been cosplaying since 2006 when this nerdy hobby turned into a passionate career. Oriana has studied theatre and costume design at Indiana University and continues her studies with a focus on fashion design, metalsmithing, and jewelry. Recently, Oriana has produced and performed her Drag Race and Drag Show events at Ohayocon, Anime Magic, AnimeNext, C2E2, Matsuricon, and ACEN. Oriana currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana and is a producer and host for her shows, “World of Fantasy” and “World of Gayming” at The Back
Door. Her favorite thing is dressing up like cartoon moms and sending memes to all her friends. Oriana looks forward to conventions coming back and seeing all her friends and fans again! You can find Oriana online at:


Warhorse made his professional wrestling debut in March 2013 and has been ruling life ever since.  Warhorse’s name comes from his love of heavy metal music and 1980s wrestling icons like The Road Warriors and Sting and has been delivering bicep fueled blows and energetic elbow drops in wrestling rings with groups such as Independent (of which he held the champion title for almost 2 years), All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, and various promotions across Europe, Canada, and Mexico.  Based in the St. Louis region, Warhorse continues to wow fans whether he’s training, entertaining, or dominating, and he’s looking forward to raising the bar higher than a turnbuckle leap as AnimeSTL’s first ever wrestling guest!