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Yokan J-Fashion & Con-Couture Brand Fashion Show

♥Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 ♥
♥GBR BCD St. Charles Convention Center♥

Since it’s official start years ago, Anime St.Louis has hosted the Yokan Show, which specializes in showcasing indie brands from across the nation; including JFashion to various artists who vend (AKA our “Con-couture” styles). The Yokan show has had the great opportunity to showcase brands like: Hard Decora & Enchanted Dreamwear, as well as providing some brands their very first show, like Generation Monster & Le Petit Miaou.

All AnimeSTL attendees are welcome to apply to model for a brand, regardless of their size, gender identity, or experience.

Featured Brands


NightWhisper began right here in Saint Louis with the goal to make Lolita fashion accessible to people of all body types. Through creating original designs and collaborating with other designers, NW has been able to offer dresses and accessories up to 7XL. After starting with the Gothic style, NW has since then branched out into Sweet, Hime, Classic, and many other styles. Their latest project uses Spandex to create lolita dresses that are perfect for dancing, hiking, and theme park visits.

Applications currently closed.  Thank you!


Bunni Designs

Fun fandom-inspired and whimsical apparel for all sizes!

Applications currently closed.  Thank you!



"Hi there! I'm Alexandria a full time artist and business owner of tobi2moodring! Based here in Maine, I create & draw new things to be made into merch! I enjoy making cute, anime inspired artwork that can made into several mediums like keychains, enamel pins and clothing! I run my lil online paradise by myself, even with the challenges, I love what I do and I'd never change that!"

Click here to apply to model for Tobi2moodring


CuteCreepyCyberpunk is an artist-run and owned brand pushing forward the idea that clothing can be more illustrative and unique. All of our designs here are drawn in-house, and soon we look forward to collaborating with some of your favorite artists as well! We also take pride in being an ethical and earth-friendly brand

Click here to apply to model for CuteCreepyCyberpunk

Okashi Fashion Showcase

Okashi Fashion Show Logo smol

♥Friday, April 22nd, 2022 ♥
♥Junior CD, St. Charles Convention Center♥

Since 2014, the Okashi Fashion Show has been dedicated to introducing attendees to different Jfashions and showcasing individual models’ Jfashion inspired coordinates. Anime St. Louis will not be providing coordinates or brands to wear for Okashi Fashion Show. We want locals to apply with their own coordinates relating to Jfashion!  From Lolita, Gyaru, Decora, Mori Kei, Menhera Kei, Visual Kei and much more!


Lolita & J-fashion Swap Meet

Swap Meet

♥Sunday, April 24th, 2022 ♥

Have a coord you’re tired of wearing? Have some accessories that don’t match your wardrobe? Bring them to the Lolita & Jfashion Swap Meet to trade or sell them to fellow Jfashion Enthusiasts! Jfashion Swap Meets are ideal for those trying to clean up their wardrobe, gain new pieces and/or meet new enthusiasts. Simply bring everything you no longer plan on wearing from your closet or just some cash to participate in the event.


  1. All clothing must be Jfashion. If it is not, you will be asked to put it away. (Examples being jeans, t-shirts, etc…)
  2. Items do not have to be brand! However we do ask that no replicas be sold at our event.
  3. Upon leaving the event, you agree upon the terms Anime St. Louis is not responsible for the price, trades or exchanges done within the event. Please be sure to try on and inspect every piece you are interested in. Dressing tents will be provided.
  4. Anime St. Louis is not responsible for any exchange of monetary value. The transaction is the sole responsibility of both parties.
  5. Absolutely NO food or drink, hotel or convention center provided or not, within the event.
  6. Only second hand is allowed. This is not a space to sell new products you created or on behalf of a company. (This does not include dresses you purchased but have not worn.)
  7. We take theft very seriously. Theft results in immediate removal from the swap meet, future swap meets and possibility of badge removal from Anime St. Louis.
  8. Report suspicious activities to the staff members at the event.
  9. This event is strictly for those interested in J-Fashion. If you are not interested in buying, trading or selling, you will be asked to leave after a certain amount of time. This is a safe space for J-Fashion Enthusiasts!
  10. If you are making the J-fashion enthusiasts hopefuls uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave.


  1. When in doubt, ask questions about the piece you are interested in.
  2. Keep a list/inventory of everything you bring up for trade or sale. Keep track of what you sell/trade and your transactions.
  3. Label your things clearly with a price, “TRADE ONLY” or price and trade. Make it clear what you’re wanting for this piece.
  4. Clean your hands before handling others pieces!
  5. Always ask before handling others pieces, and ask before trying it on.
  6. If you have any cats, dogs or other allergy-inducing animals that may affect the pieces, please label them clearly. Happy fashion hunting!