Enjoy a number of indie games, many of which were made here in St. Louis!

SmuggleCraft - Happy Badger Studio

SmuggleCraft is a quest-based hovercraft game in which players smuggle contraband, improve their hovercraft, and run from the authorities as they discover the incredible stories of the inhabitants of the unforgiving and troubled world Dirah. The game features randomly generated tracks, fully upgradeable hovercrafts with hundreds of combinations, quest-based missions complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases, and a branching story with alternate endings that change based on player choice.

SmuggleCraft-Wallpaper-with-titleSmuggleCraft-Gameplay -Floating Boost

Bloxels - Pixel Press

With Bloxels, you use physical blocks to build customizable video games on your iOS, Android & Kindle tablet or smartphone

Create a layout on the gameboard. Capture it on camera. Customize it in the app, test it out and make it awesome. Then, challenge your friends and try to beat each other’s creations.


StarCraft Universe - Upheaval Arts LLC

StarCraft Universe is a futuristic fantasy RPG played online through battle.net arcade using the StarCraft II engine. Players team up to save a post-apocalyptic universe from alien tyranny bent on domination.

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