Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our events are required to agree with the following code of conduct. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody. Anime St. Louis is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of guests or participants in any form. Be Kind.

General Rules / Information

  1. Respect the others and the server. No trolling, spamming or volatile arguments.
  2. Feel free to @ staff member whenever you want to grab their attention.
  3. Advertisements (groups, servers, websites, other conventions, shops etc) that have not been approved prior to the convention is prohibited.
    ★★★Cosplay and Twitch channels are exempt from this rule but they can’t be spammed/repeatedly posted.★★★
  4. Mass Advertisement via DM’s is prohibited. Please report this behavior.
  5. Outside the server emoji’s are disabled.
  6. Certain channels do not allow embedding, sharing links nor posting pictures. This is so we can keep the server safe and PG-13.
  7. Do not post personal information or images of other attendees without their consent.
  8. Want to discuss spoilers? Please hide them by putting the ‘||’ at the beginning and end of the spoiler!
  9. No roleplay allowed.
  10. Please stay on topic to the channel.
  11. Do not discuss illegal drugs here.
  12. Discord names and icons must be appropriate.
  13. Discussion of illegal streaming, ripping, scans, etc. are prohibited.
  14. Check pinned posts on channels to see if there are specific rules to the channel. Example: No shop posts on Art channel, No hack content on Animal Crossing Channel, etc.

Malicious / Dubious Material

  1. Posting of any NSFW, abusive, offensive or gore related material will be deleted and will results in a ban.
  2. Discussion of any controversial topics such as religion, politics, conspiracies, is not allowed. ★★★As we receive this question often, LGBTQIA in any fashion, is not controversial. ★★★
  3. There is a list of banned words and phrases. If something is censored, that’s why. If you try to work around the banned word, you will receive a strike.
  4. This is a harassment-free zone.
  5. Call-out posts are not allowed.

Harassment, Reporting and Banning

  1. ASTL Online is a two strikes, you’re out system. Our server is heavily monitored. You will receive a direct message warning from a moderator if you are breaking a rule. If you are setup for no DMs, you will be automatically kicked as we do not have a way to contact you. Continued behavior after the first warning will receive a ban.
  2. If you are being harassed, please refer to the#report-attendee channel under Help Booth for more information. It's private and you'll be taken care of!
  3. If someone is privately/DM harassing you from the server, please refer to #report-attendee
  4. Anime St. Louis heavily suggests you turn your friend requests abilities to “off” entirely to avoid random fellow attendees from messaging you.

Rule updates will be announced on the announcement page. Rules are subject to change at any time. You can change your nickname by right clicking on desktop, or going to server settings mobile! Keep it appropriate! It is also a good way to add your pronouns The convention server will officially lock at April 26th, 12:30 AM. The server will be view only until May 4th at noon, when it will go invisible.