Anime St. Louis will accept workshop registration until January 31st, 2020 or until we are full (due to the structure of our registration process.) No late forms will be accepted.

What are Workshops?

This year Anime St. Louis is doing a trial run of Workshops, where attendees can become teachers! Teachers can hands-on teach attendees numerous skills, projects or something fun! This idea was created based on the feedback from attendees and panelists of prior years. If you are interested in creating a more hands on experience, please read below for the guidelines and more information!


Workshops are different from panels! Below are to highlight the key points of workshops. We always enjoy feedback from attendees, especially for new programming like this.

    • TEACHER – There may only be ONE Teacher. The Teacher will be in charge of all communication on behalf of the entire workshop with the Programming Chair prior to the convention.  They are also responsible for their helpers behavior, remarks and information given during the workshop.
    • TEACHER HELPER – The may only be ONE Teacher Helper. This is to help with space issues and reimbursement. While they are more than welcome to communicate at con with the panel runners staff & at the programming ops, they may not change anything on the workshop (description, time requests, name requests, ect) pre-convention. If anything arises and concerns needs to be brought to the staff attention, please feel free to contact
    • You MUST provide your surname that is on your state-issued ID. We will not share these names on a public forum. This is to keep track of teachers & helpers in our records for reimbursement & avoid fraud.  We do not require your legal first names.
    • The length can be 1-3 hours in total.
    • You may host the workshop twice during the weekend due to the limited size of audience.
    • Workshops must be all ages content, but we are happy to put an age restriction on sign-ups if you are concerned your content is better suited for an age group.
    • These will be hosted in the Embassy, on the upper level. The room will be set up like a classroom with tables and chairs facing the front.
    • The maximum limit to a workshop at this time, is 20 attendees. This is due to the space available but also to keep workshops a more hands-on experience between attendee and teacher. The Teacher can request a lower limit.
    • Teachers may charge an entry fee to cover supplies, and only supplies.
    • Teachers will still receive reimbursement for their time like panelists.
    • Workshops must be hands-on and not a lecture. That is a panel.
    • Attendees can sign-up pre-con starting in March. Anime St. Louis will handle the sign-ups and entry fees. Once the sign-ups close, you will receive via PAYPAL the entry fee, the list of entrants and their emails. Sign-ups are non-refundable. Sign-ups will close once a workshop is full or at the end of March. This is to allow teachers to gather supplies in April!
    • If the limit is not met, Anime St. Louis can still hold sign-ups at the Programming Office at con if the teacher wishes.


  • Teacher No-Shows will result in revoked reimbursement and an immediate blacklist from future positions as a teacher or panelist.  Attendees will receive a full refund of the entry fee if a teacher does a no-show.


  • Workshops that deal with sharp objects or things that may cause minor injury must hand-out a release statement provided by Anime St. Louis.
  • Please keep the hotel in mind when doing messy projects as well. A tarp will be put down just in case.
  • At this time, we will accept two of the same subject for a workshop by different teachers. Everyone has different teaching styles and skill sets. However, this may change depending on popularity.
  • There is an hour break between workshops. This is for clean up of the last one, and for the next teacher to begin setting up. Staff will be cleaning but we appreciate any help!
  • Adult Content - At this time, no adult content is allowed in Workshops.
  • Food, Candy & Drinks  are not allowed to be handed out nor sampled.
  • Contact E-mail — Please check your e-mail and add to your contacts to prevent us from being directed to junk mail.
  • Your topic should fall under our mission statement of programming topics: Anime, Manga, Comics, Video Games, Cosplay, Convention Culture, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Culture, Art (relating to these topics) and Cartoons.
  • Physical Activity workshops are accepted on a case by case basis. Trained professionals are highly encouraged for these workshops due to liability issues.


We want our Teachers to know they are accepted as early as possible so they can have plenty of time to prepare, so we have a process in place to make that possible. By the first Monday of every month, you will know if your workshop was accepted, on hold or denied. (Keep in mind, you may find out earlier).

Teachers are chosen on skill and organization. It is not first come, first serve. However, as we still are doing monthly acceptances, teachers' skills are juried against those who apply in the same monthly block. So a subject may be filled still if you wait too long!

In the email, you will be given one of the following statuses:

ACCEPTED – Congratulations, your workshop was accepted!

WAITING LIST – For a stated reason, your workshop will be on a waiting list until the reason is cleared..

DENIED – Your workshop was denied.

**Anime St. Louis reserves the right to deny a workshop for any reason**

Please note, you will not find out your day or time slot until late February (workshop schedule will be released prior to the schedule currently to allow for attendees to sign up.) If you do not receive a message by the first Monday of the following month, please feel free to follow up with us. Often we receive incorrect emails, so you are welcome to check up with us if you have not heard from us!


Anime St. Louis is extremely limited to what they can provide to a workshop. Please keep that in mind. Due to the room size, microphones are not included with this room at this time. We are happy to discuss equipment, but we are not equipped to provide tools or supplies beyond the following:

  • - 6’ Tables & Chairs for (20) attendees
  • - Power Drops at each Table for attendees
  • - Tarps, Paper Towels and Garbage Bin for messes
  • - (1) Projector & Projector Screen. Remote not included.

Please be aware of the hookup for a projector prior to applying. If it changes from what you applied with, you must email with an updated hookup. If we do not receive notification prior to the convention, we can not guarantee the equipment will be readily available.

We will not be able to provide anything not listed above. We can not provide more tables nor microphones under any circumstances.


CHECK IN — Please go to the Show Office at the St. Charles Convention Center upstairs to check in to pick up your pre-registered badge or purchase a badge to skip the lines so you may prepare and have plenty of time before their workshop! This also helps us keep track of what Teachers are ‘checked in.’  You must present your name, ID (if you are doing an 18+ or pre-registered), and the name of the workshop you are a part of. All of the same rules still apply to this as it would in registration. You may only pick up or purchase your own badge. You may not pick up or purchase your others not a part of your workshop!

The Reimbursement program is an opportunity to reimburse our hardworking Teachers for all of their time and effort to provide programming. Each Teacher is tracked separately by their legal surname name on their state issued ID. Please inform us if someone drops from your workshop, it helps keep the reimbursement program going by not giving out freebies! Teachers refunds coincide with what they paid for their badge (rather at door, or pre-reg.) You cannot make back more than you paid. If you go beyond what you originally paid, there will be no further reimbursement.

  • TEACHER– $20 Back Per Hour (once you have made your badge back, the reimbursement caps there. You can not earn more than your badge.)
  • TEACHER HELPER– $10 Back Per Hour

To claim your reimbursement, you must “check out” meaning you no longer can earn any more money back for the rest of the con (aka you can’t get money back directly after each workshop throughout the weekend.)   If complications arise, SHOW OPS will contact PROGRAMMING OPS to settle it immediately.

If you are a late night workshop and will not be attending the next day/rest of the weekend, this does not apply. We will work immediately to accommodate you right after your workshop. If you are aware that you will not be attending certain days prior to the con, please make note in the special requests on the form.

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for your interest in being a Teacher at Anime St. Louis and we look forward to seeing your submission!


This is a new process! The programming chair is happy to work with the Teachers to provide a basic sign-up form that works for them.

  • Sign-up forms will be built by the Chair in February, so please have patience as they are being built. Early February an email will be sent out to Teachers to begin the process of the forms.
  • Sign-ups for workshops will be all of March! We aim to get the workshop schedule out by the end of February for attendees to view.
  • People can sign up at-con if you would like at Programming Ops, but you do not have to/if your workshop is filled.
  • Anime St. Louis will advertise that Workshops are posted in March when the time comes on our social media.
  • You are allowed to charge entry fees. However, keep in mind Anime St. Louis collects the fees during sign-ups and will transfer them to you via PAYPAL at the beginning of April. This is to give you a month to collect the supplies with the entry fees. Entry fees should only be for workshops where the attendees use supplies and/or take home a product/kit/etc. Entry fees can not be used for any other reason.
  • You are more than welcome to NOT have an entry fee, but we still suggest sign-ups due to the limited space.
  • All entries will be forwarded to your email upon their submission. At the end of sign-up period, Programming Chair will send you a list of your attendees again compiled.
  • Please be aware your email address will be posted publicly on the workshop page for people to inquire with questions. We suggest using an email you frequent or create a new one just for workshops.
  • A volunteer or staff member will be assigned to assist at the door to check names to ensure those attending are signed up.

This is a new process and type of Programming for Anime St. Louis! Spots are limited. We are always happy to hear feedback, suggestions or etc to our email