Akira Fukaya

Akira Fukaya is a Japanese manga artist who studied at Tama Art University in Japan.  After graduation, he began working as a special make-up artist for film director Shinya Tsukamoto. In 1994, Fukaya-sensei debuted as a manga artist. His work includes “Akio Kikou Bali” (“Akio's Travel Story in Bali”), “Hakobiya Ken” (“Ken the Transporter”), “Spice Beam,” and “Mitsurin Shonen ~ Jungle Boy.” He also has drawn the manga version of “Tetsuo: The Bullet Man,” one of Tsukamoto's cyberpunk films. Currently, Fukaya-sensei also runs a manga café, Manga Kukan, in Tokyo. The cafe is specifically designed for aspiring manga artists to practice their drawing skills and hosts drawing lessons throughout the year.

Twitter: twitter.com/akira____f

Ayako Ayasaki

Current residence Kantou region. Loves kawaii objects.  Currently serializing Matsuda-san Chi No Road Star-ko-chan - ND Road Star Monogatari (story by Takashi Kisaki).

Mamoru Yokota

Birthday: February 18

Blood Type: O

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Mamoru Yokota started his career as an animator. He now works in a variety of fields as an illustrator, character designer, card game producer, anime producer, game director, and live action drama advisor. Just some of the anime projects Yokota-san has contributed to include “Death Note,” “Hellsing,” “Macross Frontier,” and “Naruto: Shippuden.” He has also worked on “BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II,” “Suzumiya Haruhi Chokuretsu,” “Elysion,” and many other games. In addition, he has contributed to character design for both “Rune Soldier” and “Magical Canan.”

Twitter: twitter.com/yokotamamoru


Starting his career as an animator, Yokota-san now works in a variety of fields including illustrator, character designer, card game producer, anime producer, game director, and live action drama advisor.



Rune Soldier - (Novel by Ryo Mizuno, Monthly Dragon Magazin / Fujimi Fantasia Bunko)

The World God Only Knows (1st Season, Episode 10 Preview)

LORD of VERMILION (Card Illustrator - Square Enix)

Monster Design

Bima Satria Garuda

Anime Producer

KANON(TV Series)


Character Design

Rune Soldier

Magical Canan

Anime Director / Anime Illustrator/ Anime Co-Producer 


Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!

Macross F

Astro Fighter Sunred



Arakawa Under the Bridge


SKE48 Anime PV


Naruto Shippuden

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Gatchaman Crowds

Hajime no Ippo Rising

Bladedance of Elementalers


Ashita no Joe

Ranma 1/2

Martian Successor Nadesico

Van Helsing

Saint Seiya



Games - Design, Production, and Illustrator

Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito (Sega Saturn)

Doukoku Soshite... (Sega Saturn)

The Virgin on Megiddo (Dreamcast)

ELYSION NEC Interchannel (PS2)(Dreamcast)

Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn! Nerawareta Jyudaime (PS2)

Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn! Nerae Ring X Bongole Returns (PS2)

Suzumiya Haruhi Gekidou (wii)

Suzumiya Haruhi Chokuretsu (Nintendo DS)

Hakuoki Bakumatsu Musouroku (PSP)


Final Fantasy (Monster Design)

TV Drama

Yasuko to Kenji (Comic Advisor and Set Design) コミックアドバイザー・セットデザイン監修

Aishiteru (Comic Design and Character Design)

Masumi Sendou

Birth Date: July 4

Birth Place: Sendou, Miyagi

Blood Type: O

Masumi Sendou is a manga artist who debuted with Ecchi, a title which was published in the popular Weekly Young Jump magazine in 1995, while Sendou was still in school at Tama Art University. After working in the industry for a number of years, Sendou-sensei’s life was impacted by the tragic passing of her young second child, which inspired the touching manga essay NICU Inochi no Monogatari (translation: NICU The Story of Life). Recently, she has drawn manga essays covering topics within medical field, and has been sharing her artistic talents with prospective artists through her work as a teacher at the Toyo Institute of Art and Design. She is a mother of two children and her husband, Nao Kurebayashi, is also a manga artist.

Twitter: twitter.com/masumick

List of Works

  • Ecchi - serialized in Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha)
  • 1995 – “Ecchi” serialized in Weekly Young Jump [Shueisha]. 14 volumes.
  • 1999 – “Ai” serialized in Weekly Young Jump [Shueisha]. 11 volumes, 1 extra edition volume.
  • 2006 – Shorty stories “Hitozuma Nikki” [Shueisha]. 1 volume.
  • 2006 – “Watasashi wa Pet” serialized in Young Jump Zoukan Mankaku.
  • 2012 – “NICU Inochi no Mongatari” [Takeshobo]. 1 volume. First biography manga essay. Title translation: “NICU Story of Life”.
  • 2014 – “Revenge H” serialized in Manga Action [Futabasha]. Currently ongoing. 6 volumes as of November 2017.
  • 2016 – “Komedikaru no Tame no (Jyadou na) Nougazo Shindan Yousei Kouza” [Miwa Shoten]. Author uruma go. Title translation: “Training Course - ’Improper’ Brain Imaging Course for Health Professionals”.
  • 2017 – “Kouji Noukinou Shougai ・Hattatsu Shougai・Ninchishou no Tame no (Jyadou na) Chiiki Shien Yousei Kouza” [Miwa Shoten]. Author uruma go. Title translation: “Training Course - ‘Improper’ Support in the Country for Patients with Higher Brain Dysfunction, Developmental Disorder, and Dementia”.
  • 2017 – 25 Anniversary Illustration Book JOY & PLEASURE [e-Books Japan].
  • 2017 – “Ecchi” [Futabasha Publication]. Reprint.
  • 2017 – “Kokoro to Karada no Itami no Tame no (Jyadou na) Shinri Ryouhou Yousei. Kouza” [Miwa Shoten]. Author uruma go. Title translation: “Training Course – ‘Improper’ Psychological Treatment for Mind and Body Pain”.

Nao Kurebayashi

Born: November 18

Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture (Character of Shizuoka ‘静岡’ literally  translates to “Silent Hill”)

Nao Kurebayashi is a manga artist who, at the early age of 18, was already catching the attention of publications such as Weekly Shonen Sunday and taking home awards, including one for his debut title Boyish!. Kurebayashi-sensei then began working under artists Miyasu Nonki and Hiroyuki Nishimori before developing the series Fortune, Mandara Boy, and Yamagutsu yo Hashire!. One of his manga, titled Jyouou, was adapted into three television series and even into a pachinko game, with plans also in the works for a theatrical production. Kurebayashi’s most recent work is titled Jyoyuu Isan, and can be found in the publication Manga Okaku. Kurebayashi-sensei is the father of two children, and his wife, Masumi Sendou, is also a manga artist.

Twitter: twitter.com/naokure

List of Works

  • Fortune - serialized in Ultra Jump (Shueisha). 2 volumes.
  • Yamagutsu yo Harshire - serialized in Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha). 5 volumes. Author: Tadashi Ikuta

Showshow Kurihara

Born on December 12, 1968, Showshow Kurihara debuted as a professional manga artist in 1986, at the young of age 17.  He began serializing the adult suspense manga Uramiya Honpo in 2000, which became a best-seller and is still currently running with 58 volumes published. The manga has also been adapted into two seasons of a TV drama and two full length-feature films.  In 2012, Kurihara-sensei begin serializing Kami Appli (God Tools), which also became a hit with 17 volumes published so far, including spinoffs.  In 2016 alone, he drew more than 2,000 manga pages and published 11 manga volumes. That places Kurihara-sensei at the very top in terms of production volume in Japan.  In addition to drawing manga, Kurihara-sensei also works on many other artistic projects, including album cover art, game character design, and commercial art. 

Homepage: showshow.jp/

Twitter: twitter.com/showshow_jp

Takashi Kisaki

Takashi Kisaki is an award-winning manga artist who currently splits his time between drawing Zombiemen (serialized irregularly in Monthly Afternoon), teaching courses to aspiring manga artists, and serving as President of Manga Genki Hatsudo Keikaku (Mangen). Mangen is an organization of manga artists and creators whose mission is to “make the world a more fun and interesting place with manga.”

Kisaki-sensei first got his start in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987 after winning the prestigious Hop Step Award with a perfect score. He has gone on to draw and write dozens more manga and books including hits such as “Professor Accidentologist Tamaki Rinichiro” and “Introduction to Manga: How You can Live on Manga for a Decade.”

Kisaki-sensei is also the founder and director of Domix, which publishes comics that add voice actors and background music. As MC for Manga Radio, he also conducts interviews with leading comic writers.



Manga Hatsudo Keikaku




Tei Ogata

Tei Ogata is a mangaka from Osaka, Japan. He is also a teacher, providing lessons to aspiring young manga artists on how to improve their drawing and storytelling skills. 

Ogata-sensei won second place in the 46th Super Jump Manga Award contest with his work, Kikai Jikake no Komachi. In December 2000, he debuted as a professional manga artist, with the winning work being published in Oh Super Jump magazine. 

His representative work Kimera was serialized in Super Jump with 16 volumes published.

Ogata-sensei is also part of Manga Genki Hatsudo Keikaku, a volunteer organization of professional manga artists whose mission is to help make the world more fun through manga. In 2013, his work Android no Iru Houristu Soudan Jimusho (Android in a Law Firm) was made into a motion manga thru Domix.

Serialized Works


Amateur Slugger

Jinzou Ningen Katei Saaku

Heian Enjin

Akatsuki TYami no Wolf

Rough Diamon - Manga Gakkou e Youkoso

One-Shot Works

Kakai Jikake no Komachi

Ceramic Leg

Climax Goisshoni

Android no Iru Houristu Soudan Jimusho

Motion Comic

Android no Iru Houristu Soudan Jimusho

Natsume Yoshinori

Natsume Yoshinori was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1975.  While in college, he published his first one-shot manga and was awarded best new comer shonen manga artist by Shogakukan Publisher. After graduation, he worked at Konami as a graphic designer and was part of the development of Metal Gear Solid and beatmania. In 2000, he left Konami to focus on his manga career and wrote his first serial manga Togari. After the completion of Togari he wrote Kurozakuro, BATMAN DEATHMASK, Mochi Mochi, WhiteTiger, and Nekohanashi.

Currently Natsume Sensei’s new basketball manga B-TRASH!! is currently being serialized on the online manga portal site Cycomics.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/summereye

LINE Stamp: https://store.line.me/stickershop/author/36586/

Manga Works (Free to Read)