Le Petit Miaou Lolita Designs

Le Petit Miaou Lolita is an indie lolita brand that was established in 2016. This brand was created to give everyone their own chance to be the beautiful person that they are in their heart. While the original focus was on sweet lolita, as the brand started to grow, they began to see the need for lolita pieces of all styles for people of all sizes.

The pieces that Le Petit Miaou Lolita makes has a large variety of influences including traditional dress from China and Japan, and nature. While some pieces are one of a kind, we have also started partnering with artists to make unique prints.

As Le Petit Miaou continues to grow, they hope to be able to work with their customers to make the dresses of their dreams.


We are Ju, Novan, and Vixx. A cosplay group of three called Juvanixx Project! Not only do we love to cosplay, but we also love to create wild and colorful fashion that goes beyond the boundaries of clothing and into wearable artwork! The fashion we'll be wearing this year is a mixture of Japan's hard rock, Visual Kei, and the busy, bubbly, and colorful style of Harajuku! instagram.com/juvanixx_project

Generation Monster

Debuted in mid 2019 Generation Monster is a collaboration of everything cute and creepy. This brand is inspired and driven by turning folk lore, cryptids, macabre and dark subject matter into adorable illustrations. Generation Monster creates apparel for everyone in mind and they hope you can fall in love with some of their monsters... don’t worry most of them don’t bite... hard. They welcome you to their Generation of Monsters.