Cole Feuchter

Cole Feuchter is a voice actor based out of Dallas, Texas. Most notably, you can hear him as Yoshio Asakura (ISHIDA & ASAKURA), Naoto Hamasaki & Archer Springfield (CAMP BUDDY), Lenga Valentine (FULL SERVICE), Lascivion (MISTER VERSATILE), The Divine Speaker (THE DIVINE SPEAKER), Fàn Lí/Zhú Yīn/Dù Kāng/Zhong Li Quan (HEROES OF MYTHIC MIGHT) as well as various character in other mobile games such as SOUL LAND RELOADED. He can also be heard in the anime dubs of THE SAINT’S MAGIC POWER IS OMNIPOTENT, THE CASE STUDY OF VANITAS, THE TITAN’S BRIDE and AKUDAMA DRIVE.

Cole is also fluent in Japanese, earning his degree at the University of North Texas, and outside of voice work, he is also a content creator and was even one of the creators for GAMESTOP TV, frequently featured in the “All-In” segments.

If you want to learn more about Cole, you can check out his Twitter @LordAzria or his website at