CANDY☆TRAP is a colorful and fun fashion brand that was established in 2018 by cybr.grl, also known as The Rainbow Lady, a Filipino YouTuber based in the USA who creates videos on Harajuku kawaii culture. She decided to take the leap and reach her dream of starting her own fashion brand after realizing how hard it was to find colorful clothing options that weren’t just catered to kids because everyone, no matter how old they are, deserves to wear cute and colorful clothes! CANDY☆TRAP is inspired by Decora fashion, a style that was born in Harajuku that is known for excessively accessorizing oneself from head to toe, a.k.a “Decora”-ting yourself. Through CANDY☆TRAP, cybr.grl hopes to spread some happiness around the world, to empower others to show their true colors, and to encourage everyone to have fun with fashion! There is space for everyone, for every color of the rainbow! #KAWAII4ALL