Richard Epcar

Legendary Actor Richard Epcar – is one of the hardest working men in show business, having voiced over 500 characters in Games, Animation and Anime.  Best known as the voice of “Batou” in Ghost in the Shell, “The Joker” in several Batman games including Injustice: Gods Among Us (Fighting Game of the Year!), “Raiden” in Mortal Kombat X, “Ansem” in Kingdom Hearts, and now “Akuma” in Street Fighter V!  He has been voted as one of the Top 20 Video Game Voice Actors of all Time and Top 20 Anime Actors of all time by IMDB!

Starting out in Robotech, his voice credits include roles in Legend of Korra, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as Joseph Joestar, Batman Unlimited as Commissioner Gordon, Pokemon Generations as Giovanni, Berserk, and Power Rangers just to name a few and he’s directing and voicing the all new Lupin The Third! 

He’s also in tons of games including: Final Fantasy as Gaius and Ilberd, Saints Row, Mafia III, Fire Emblem: Awakening as Walhart, MK vs D.C. Universe as the Joker and Raiden, Stargate SG-1 as Gen. Hammond, Starcraft as Dark Templar, Xenosaga as Ziggy, World of Warcraft, Smite, and League of Legends as Xin Zhao.

In addition to a long list of voice acting roles in anime, games, and live action properties, Richard has voice directed many games and shows.  And on camera, Richard has appeared in many shows including: Warehouse 13, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Cheers, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and a lead in the film Altered Spirits now playing on Amazon.

Cynthia Cranz

Cynthia Cranz has been a professional actress in the Dallas / Fort Worth area since 1993 when she signed with The Tomas Agency. Her work has included theater, commercials, television, film, print, music videos, industrial videos, PSAs, voice over for radio spots, voice dubbing for anime and video games. Born in Fort Worth, TX, she graduated from Grapevine High School and The University of Mississippi. She currently resides in Fort Worth with her husband and assorted pets. She is also a licensed Realtor. She is an accomplished equestrian and when she is not working she enjoys riding her horse and competing in horse shows, a life long passion and hobby which she shares with her mother and sister. She is best known for voicing the role of Chi Chi in Dragon Ball Z, which was her break through role at Funimation in 1999. Other notable roles include Botan in Yu Yu Hakusho, Mitzi in Shin Chan, Mitch in Case Closed, Paninya in Full Metal Alchemist, Belleamere in One Piece and Coach Momoe in Big Wind Up. She is honored to be one of the first females cast at Funimation and grateful to still be working with them for almost 2 decades.




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