We love bringing in a wide variety of attractions and activities to AnimeSTL.  Check out who is planning to join us!

moVR – VR Experiences

In addition to Beatsaber free play, attendees can book a special 15 minute session for $10 that includes the following games: Superhot, Beatsaber, Attack of the Bugs, The Plank Experience, and Travel to the Scottish Iles; Archery Challenge!  Try out VR experiences during your convention weekend!

Pre-booking link coming soon

Mobile Escape Room Experience with Unchained STL Escape Room

Challenge your INT and WIS scores in real life with a special Mini-Escape Room experience created by Unchained STL.  You can either join in with other attendees at $5 per person, or you can form up a special party of 6 people for the price of $25.  Their 15 minute sessions have stumped plenty of participants, but there have been conquerors of the cranium who have succeeded as well!  Which group will you be a part of for 2019?

Green Screen Photography with Limitless Aerial Photography

Take your cosplay to the next level with special green screen photography provided by Limitless Aerial Photography.  Book your session with them, pick your setting, and have you and your wonderful cosplay immersed in another world!