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Special Events

Anime St. Louis Got Talent!

Come and show off your skill whether it’s juggling with (prop) daggers or breakdancing while eating ramen! Do you have what it takes to be Anime St. Louis’s Super Star of this year?! Only one way to find out! Please see below if you are interested in submitting a tryout for our 2017 show! Hosted by Rekless Krew’s Ryzen Xia!

  • Keep your talent PG-13 and relatively safe.  So if you’re a comedian who excessively swears or a sword swallower, this may not be for you.  If you’re unsure and need to ask if your talent is within our guidelines, please email panels@animestl.net & RyzenXia@Reklesskrew.com
  • All Anime St. Louis general & cosplay rules apply.
  • If your talent is physical, such as breakdancing or being a contortionist, and you are accepted, we will ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand the risks involved in performing your talent and that Anime St. Louis will not be held liable if your performance doesn’t go as planned
  • Talents involving any singing as well as any other audio must have those audio files provided by the performing attendee.  Also, any equipment related to the talent must be provided by the attendee
  • All submissions must be turned in by April 24th. This guarantees that your audition will be seen. You may still audition in person, but at that point it will be limited to how many slots are left and possible time constraints
  • All performances MUST be under 2min and 30 seconds long. If even a second over, your audition will not be acknowledged
  • You will receive an email on May 1st if you’ve been accepted to compete
  • The people who audition get first dibs on front row seats to the show
  • You must have a AnimeSTL 2017 badge for the weekend to rehearse and compete.
  • Winner of the 2017 show will receive a free badge to AnimeSTL 2018.
  • Groups are able to apply, but the cap for free badges for AnimeSTL 2018 for groups is 5.



AMV League with Vitamin H

Join the celebration of anime by creating your own emotion-inducing anime music video (AMV)!  Produced by Vitamin H, the AMV League is a national contest for AMV producers and con attendees.  To find out more and submit your entry, please click the link below.



Mini Escape Room Experience


Come join Escape On Main at AnimeSTL on Saturday the 13th as they offer a mini-Escape Room experience.  Can you work as a team to crack codes, find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles?  Take part in the adventure captivating the country with a room specially designed for our convention.  Each 15 minute session is $5 per person or use a special group rate of $25 for 6 people.  Get code-cracking with your friends at AnimeSTL!

The streets of Harajuku are taking Anime St. Louis by storm!

Okashi Fashion Show Logo


Japanese fashion lovers unite! Interested in modeling? Fall into your favorite J-fashion at the Okashi fashion show!

We’ll be presenting the various eye catching fashions from Japan, and would love for you to be a part of it! All are welcome to apply, any gender, any size! We’re looking for models who are passionate and wish to show St. Louis all about the Japanese fashion they love.

This year’s theme is:

Winter Snowfall – Spring Has Come


Model Requirements

  • All applicants must have a badge coordinating with the fashion show date.
  • Models must have their own clothing items to portray in the show.
  • Models must be able to arrive at least one hour early and dressed OR arrive two hours early with your ensemble to get ready behind the scenes but your makeup and hair must be ready prior to arrival. Arriving earlier is also acceptable.
  • The deadline to apply is April 30th, 2017.  No entries will be accepted after that.

Additional Notes & Guidelines

  • Not every applicant is subject to an acceptance.
  • Outfit does not have to adhere to theme, but is encouraged! If the outfit does not match our theme, it does not hurt the chances of acceptance.
  • If you are accepted, you will receive an e-mail within 1-4 days with further instructions. If you are not accepted, you will be informed.
  • At this time, we are not accepting warm bodies/models we have to provide the outfits to.
  • After models are selected, they are urged to join the Okashi fashion show group for updates, Q&A, advice etc leading up to the show!
  • If models need extra accessories/clothing they must notify a fashion show team member Friday or early Saturday before the fashion show time slot starts.
  • As of 2017, participants are allowed to apply two SEPARATE outfits for the show. Just re-apply a second time, we will receive and understand it is two entries. Both outfits may not be accepted. It is highly recommended the outfits coordinate enough for a quick change (hair and makeup mostly.)


Early Badge Retrieval— Please go to the Show Office at the St. Charles Convention Center upstairs to check in to pick up your pre-registered badge or purchase a badge to skip the lines.  You must present your name, ID (if you are doing an 18+ or pre-registered), and state you are with the Okashi Fashion Show.  All of the same rules still apply to this as it would in registration, like the cosplay discount.  You may only pick up or purchase your own badge.  You may not pick up or purchase your fellow models or anyone else’s badges.

Baby Ponytail Featured Models

Anime St. Louis is proud to announce our Okashi Fashion Show will include a sponsorship with Baby Ponytail! In addition, we are launching a model search for the four outfits provided by Baby Ponytail. ASTL will be providing a full Lolita makeover with the outfit! So anyone is welcome to apply, with Lolita experience or not!


  1. If you enter this and are chosen, you are not able to participate in the fashion show in your own coordinate.
  2. Must be available from 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM on Saturday. This includes rehearsals, dressing, the show and changing out of the outfits.
  3. Unfortunately, you are unable to keep the outfits provided.
  4. No Lolita experience needed to apply
  5. Models must show up for the dressing in/with:
    • Simple outfit to change out of (please no cosplays!)
    • A clean face with only foundation on. We will do the rest of the make-up!
    • Hair pulled back for a wig we will provide or hair done in a pre-approved style. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to style models hair.
    • MUST bring/wear a pair of white, opaque tights. We will not be providing a pair.
    • MUST bring/wear a pair of white flats or high-heeled shoes. We will not be providing a pair.




Does your heart beat fast and adrenaline pump while watching Food Wars!? Have you ever wanted to compete in a food competition, but never gotten a chance? Anime St. Louis wants to give YOU that opportunity! In a two hour event on Sunday, May 14th at 12:00 PM, two attendees and a local restaurant professional cook (TBA) will face off to see who will be Anime St. Louis first Food Showdown! Each year will have a dish announced after contenders are chosen and will be announced with the contenders on Facebook!

Guidelines/Things to Know

  • No professional cooking experience required. We just ask for keeping your hands clean (no touching of your hair or face) during the prep and cooking process.
  • ANIME ST. LOUIS will provide the (pre-washed) groceries from contender’s recipe in a cooler, rice cookers and (2) hot plates.
  • ATTENDEE will provide cooking utensils, pots and pans, spices and seasonings.
  • Aprons will not be provided.
  • We will have first aid onsite for any incidents.
  • Contenders will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to prep, cook and serve the dish. The first 10 minutes will be introductions, while the last 20 minutes will be judging.
  • The prize for the winner is a FREE WEEKEND PASS to Anime St. Louis 2018 and a guaranteed spot (based upon availability) to compete in the 2018 showdown.
  • You have to make (3) servings of the dish.
  • Must be able to cook under pressure and possibly under a camera/may be streamed.
  • April 30th, contenders will be informed by the end of the day if they were chosen. In the e-mail, we will enclose what this year’s dish will be. Monday, April 31st, we will publicly announce the contenders and dish.
  • If you wish to use alcohol in your recipe, you must be 21+. There are no exceptions.
  • Contenders must arrive by 10:30 AM to the South Hall, in the St. Charles Convention Center (Main Events Room.) You then can look over your groceries we gathered and you will present your spices and seasonings. You MAY bring a marinade for meat, but you must provide us a list of what is in the marinade. Starting at 11:00 AM, you can begin marinating but cannot prep beyond that.
  • Spices and seasoning must be presented to the judges and staff during the setup for approval.
  • This is to prevent switching and replacements.
  • We will be providing a way to wash your hands after prepping raw meats.
  • End products will get photographed for the ASTL social media and website for future advertisement.
  • Once contenders are chosen and e-mailed, Anime St. Louis must be provided a list of ingredients & recipe needed by May 6th. Details will be further sent to the contenders with their acceptance e-mail. While you do not have to stick directly to the recipe you provide us because we know things change as you cook, it will give us a general outline to make sure we know you are prepared to cook the dish.
  • Contenders may NOT bring in outside groceries that are not spices, seasonings or marinades.  This is to keep things fair. Our convention will be providing restaurant quality groceries.