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Special Events

Anime St. Louis Got Talent!

Come and show off your skill whether it’s juggling with (prop) daggers or breakdancing while eating ramen! Do you have what it takes to be Anime St. Louis’s Super Star of this year?! Only one way to find out! Please see below if you are interested in submitting a tryout for our 2017 show! Hosted by Rekless Krew’s Ryzen Xia!

  • Keep your talent PG-13 and relatively safe.  So if you’re a comedian who excessively swears or a sword swallower, this may not be for you.  If you’re unsure and need to ask if your talent is within our guidelines, please email panels@animestl.net & RyzenXia@Reklesskrew.com
  • All Anime St. Louis general & cosplay rules apply.
  • If your talent is physical, such as breakdancing or being a contortionist, and you are accepted, we will ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand the risks involved in performing your talent and that Anime St. Louis will not be held liable if your performance doesn’t go as planned
  • Talents involving any singing as well as any other audio must have those audio files provided by the performing attendee.  Also, any equipment related to the talent must be provided by the attendee
  • All submissions must be turned in by April 24th. This guarantees that your audition will be seen. You may still audition in person, but at that point it will be limited to how many slots are left and possible time constraints
  • All performances MUST be under 2min and 30 seconds long. If even a second over, your audition will not be acknowledged
  • You will receive an email on May 1st if you’ve been accepted to compete
  • The people who audition get first dibs on front row seats to the show
  • You must have a AnimeSTL 2017 badge for the weekend to rehearse and compete.
  • Winner of the 2017 show will receive a free badge to AnimeSTL 2018.
  • Groups are able to apply, but the cap for free badges for AnimeSTL 2018 for groups is 5.

AMV League with Vitamin H

Join the celebration of anime by creating your own emotion-inducing anime music video (AMV)!  Produced by Vitamin H, the AMV League is a national contest for AMV producers and con attendees.  To find out more and submit your entry, please click the link below.