Nostalgia Prom

Nothing beats the classics, and you’ll always find yourself enjoying classic beats.  Our Nostalgia Prom Friday night dance is themed around unforgettable, retro memories.  Whether you’re out to jam to your favorite school mixtapes or chiptune MIDI beeps and bops, we invite you to cut a rug out on our dance floor (except don’t actually cut it-cut it cause it’s a very nice rug).

Featured DJ – Doug “MeloD” Meloche

Stepping onto the music scene in New Mexico, he began to set the tone for backyard block parties combining Latin Pop with Dance Hits from the 80s & 90s. Establishing a foothold in the performing arts, MeloD was named Mr. THS of 2007 with his energetic dance routine to “What Is Love” by Haddaway. In 2013, MeloD collaborated with “HSU-NAMI” to animate his first music video. Since joining Complete Weddings & Events located in Creve Coeur St. Louis, he climbed the ranks to become a No.2 Top Rated DJ during 2018!! Maintaining his status as a Top Ten Wedding DJ, MeloD mixes current hits with the best techno/electronica tracks of the 90s and early 2000s. Never shying away from combining seriously skilled steps with a few meme-based moves, this DJ knows how to have fun on the dance floor as well as behind the turntables. “It’s easy to get people dancing by playing songs people know. You really win audiences over when you surprise them with those forgotten hits they’ve always loved! Making unforgettable memories is the best part of being a DJ.”

Electric Onsen

It’s not a Saturday night dance unless the beats are as hot as a classic hot spring in Japan.  Our EDM style dance promises to have high BPM, bright lights, and more beat drops than a spill in a produce aisle.  Celebrate the end of the biggest day of the convention by enjoying the best mixes, and of course, stay hydrated.  Onsen’s are all about water!

Featured DJ – Patrick “DJ Packie” Harting

The goth soft boy makes his return to ASTL!  No genre will be left out, including House, Trap, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and even Hardcore. This also wouldn’t be a Packie set if there wasn’t a slew of mash-ups of your favorite music, video game and anime tracks, and even some dead memes! Whatever this goofball will be play next is anyone’s guess, but the crowd will be moving to it regardless.

Patrick Harting has made his name known throughout the region with his high energy nerd music that’s been rocking crowds for half a decade now. He’s opened and closed out for artists such as Darude, Crystal Method, Feed Me, and other regional acts like Everywhere from raves in roller rinks and abandoned churches, to packed clubs all over the downtown area, Packie has probably played the weirdest spots the city can offer for crowds of all sizes. Now after years of learning the scene, he’s started to throw his own shows with the new production company, Mystery Box. Together with the Mystery Box team, they strive to keep the rave alive with their parties at Europe Night Club, The Crack Fox, and even Blue Ocean, all for those who still crave the electronic night life.








Featured DJ – Bad Corey

Bad Corey
Choppin Proper Records
Chicago, IL

Bad Corey is a fanatic of the harder sounds, finding an interest in fast-paced dance music in the early 2000’s. He has become a staple in the Midwestern hard dance scene, always bringing hard-hitting beats and a high-energy experience wherever he goes. Never content with sticking to one sound, he is known for always bringing something unique and exciting to every single set. He also heads up Choppin Proper Records alongside longtime production partner Evolutionize. Bad Corey is dedicated to bringing the most energetic, uplifting, and pulse-pounding tunes from all over the globe to the dance floor. You can expect many things when Bad Corey takes the stage, but never expect to be bored, so bring your stomping shoes and get ready to sweat.

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