Friday Night Dance – Electric Onsen Prom

This is a fully vaccinated only event and requires a wristband from Registration to enter

As we work towards rebuilding the convention, we’re happy to offer a dance event once more.  Our Prom style Electric Onsen dance aims to offer a variety of beats for your evening enjoyment, be it slow-dancing, moderate jamming, and maybe a touch of high BPM EDM.  While the main events room will have plenty of space, we’ll have a short intermission between DJ sets to give people a chance to get some fresh air and let some circulation occur.  Masking will still be required while on the dance floor, especially for you slow dancing savants, but because of close proximities and attendees removing their masks while off to the side of the room for a breather; we are having this activity be fully vaccinated attendees only to help keep pathogens to a minimum.  We look forward to having a fun evening with you!

Patrick “Packie” Harting

The goth soft boy makes his return to ASTL!  No genre will be left out, including House, Trap, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and even Hardcore. This also wouldn’t be a Packie set if there wasn’t a slew of mash-ups of your favorite music, video game and anime tracks, and even some dead memes! Whatever this goofball will be play next is anyone’s guess, but the crowd will be moving to it regardless.

Patrick Harting has made his name known throughout the region with his high energy nerd music that’s been rocking crowds for half a decade now. He’s opened and closed out for artists such as Darude, Crystal Method, Feed Me, and other regional acts like Everywhere from raves in roller rinks and abandoned churches, to packed clubs all over the downtown area, Packie has probably played the weirdest spots the city can offer for crowds of all sizes. Now after years of learning the scene, he’s started to throw his own shows with the new production company, Mystery Box. Together with the Mystery Box team, they strive to keep the rave alive with their parties at Europe Night Club, The Crack Fox, and even Blue Ocean, all for those who still crave the electronic night life.

Doug “MeloD” Meloche

DJ Doug “MeloD” is back in action, taking you Beyond PLUS ULTRA!!

After rocking ASTL 2019 with totally retro techno tunes, it’s such a thrill breaking out the re-turn-tables (and shameless puns) once again. Although there have been fewer live events over the past year, this multi-talented MC has hardly slowed down or gotten rusty.

This DJ stays busy: sharpening his skills, promoting local artists, and growing his online business “MeloD Studio”. The latest leap forward in MeloD’s professional life is putting his Fine Arts background to good use through a career with the Saint Louis Arts Museum. It has been nearly a decade-long journey in the making, but worth every step. The only limitations on your dreams are those we place on ourselves. So, always “Play From The Heart”







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