Explore scenic St. Charles and all of the settings it has to offer!

We’re excited to be bringing you a unique setting with Anime St. Louis.  St. Charles, MO has a number of beautiful and unique settings for you to take your cosplay photography to the next level!  Whether it’s by the riverfront or among the cobblestones and shops of Historic Main Street or showing your style in the nearby parks and garden, we and the city of St. Charles welcome you to our newest location.  Please see below for more details regarding cosplay photography and photoshoot locations.  The following topics are covered here:

  • Photography Policy
  • Photoshoot Locations and Tours

Photo & Video Policy

  • Unless otherwise noted or announced, photos and video are allowed in all programming aspects of Anime St. Louis, except for the Screening Room and Cosplatality Lounge.  Any events where it is not allowed will be announced during that event.  Please respect anyone who doesn’t wish to have their picture taken or be on camera.  Remember, Cosplay is Not Consent.
  • Avoid blocking or stopping foot traffic for pictures.  Staff may interrupt you in order to keep everything moving.
  • Charging for photoshoots is allowed.
  • Photographers are welcome to advertise their services on our social media pages.  However, spamming or constant messaging will be grounds for posts to be deleted.
  • Many of the local business and locations have been notified and educated about our event, and a good number are excited to have you visit.  However, no place is being closed off to allow photoshoots in a private capacity.  Please keep this in mind as you are in public places like the parks, local shops, etc.  You share the same privileges and power as other attendees and people, so please work with each other and be courteous to your fellow con goers, the locals, and business owners.

Photoshoot Locations

Historic District/Main Street

Cobblestone streets and rustic, classic buildings and shops line the Historic Main Street District of St. Charles.  Located a short drive away from the convention center and reachable through our shuttles, this location is also right next to the Riverfront Area.  With a gazebo right in the middle and plenty of sights and shops all around, this location offers a number of spots for all kinds of settings.  Some of the shops and restaurants will also be offering discounts for our attendees, an extra bonus for some who come in costume as well.  Plan on stopping by and take in all the classic sights!


(Photo 1: Photographer – Suppapong Photography , Model – Elleontheradio ; Photo 2, Photographer – Elleontheradio, Model – Jolita )

Riverfront Area/Frontier Park

Located right next to Main St, Frontier Park runs along the Missouri River, offering a lot of open space and perfect for shots requiring a shimmering body of water.  Among the park are also a variety of unique locations for photoshoots, including an abandoned barge, train car, and more.  Stretch out your props and enjoy the view!


(Photo 1: Photographer – Suppapong Photography, Model – Miyaku; Photo 2, Photographer – Elleontheradio, Model – Angela Wang Cosplay)

Ben Rau Memorial Garden

A bit further out than the other locations, the Ben Rau Memorial Garden is a small location past the Main Street area, but it houses a variety of colorful plants perfect for nature shoots there or among the trees around it.  You can choose to drive to it yourself or use one of our complementary shuttles to get there and back again.


(Photo 1: Photographer – Suppapong Photography, Model – Jolita; Photo 2 & 3, Photographer – Elleontheradio, Model – Anilyn Cosplay)

Ameristar Casino

**Important Note – No masks are allowed within or on the grounds of Ameristar Casino.  In order to enter the casino gaming area of the building, you must be 21 and over.  All other areas do not have this age requirement**

On the other side of I-70 and within a short drive from the convention center, Ameristar Casino is more than just a place to play penny slots and poker.  The building hosts a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a beautiful hotel and shopping area.  Both valet and self-parking are free, but our shuttles can once again be your method of transport if you so choose.

Large~St._Charles_MO~Casino_201112070252 Large~St._Charles_MO~Hotel_Lobby_Fireplace Large~St._Charles_MO~Streetscape

(Photos from Ameristar’s website)

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