Sit back and relax at the Honey Tea Maid Cafe

Stop by the atrium of the Embassy Suites during the weekend and enjoy a custom menu just for our event.  Socialize with your friends and our amazing maids and butlers, or challenge our skilled staff to a game and win prizes.  Be sure to plan some time for this unique experience!

Be a part of the Maid Cafe

Would you like to be a member of the team behind one of Anime St. Louis’ biggest events?  The Honey Tea Maid Cafe is looking for maids, butlers, and kitchen & floor staff to keep things running as smooth as possible.  Being a part of the maid cafe team is equivalent to being an Anime St. Louis staff member and comes with many of the same perks such as a free badge and other hospitality compensation.  If this is something you would be interested in, please read the below:

Maids & Butlers

Requirements and Rules

  • Job Description – As maids and butlers of Honey Tea Maid CafĂ© your job is to interact with the guests by playing games, performing dances, and serving them beverages and food.
  • To be a Maid or Butler, you must be at least 18 years of age to apply and be willing to work 6 – 8 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Maids and Butlers must supply their own work attire which must be a black and white color scheme.  Wigs and jewelry of any color are allowed, jewelry must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Gender is not a factor for whether you are a maid or butler as long as you’re comfortable and take your role seriously.
  • All Maids and Butlers are required to dance as part of their shift.
  • Maids and Butlers will receive a free badge, access to the staff hospitality suite, and, if needed, a comped room at the hotel.
  • Tips may or may not be received directly, and the staff will be informed before the event on how tips will be received.

Submitting an application

Kitchen Staff & Host/Hostess

Requirements and Rules

  • Job Description – Kitchen Staff – Once orders are brought to the back, kitchen staff are in charge of preparing the teas and keeping track of how quickly certain teas sell so that you are able to brew fresh pots accordingly.
  • Job Description – Host/Hostess’ – Are responsible for greeting and seating guests, as well as controlling the lines during the wait times for the cafe to open. Merchandise will also be sold at the host/hostess’ table as well as inside the cafe.
  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and able to work 6-8 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The Host/Hostess must also follow the dress code that Maids and Butlers have.  Kitchen Staff don’t have to follow the same dress code as strictly, but are still required to wear black and white attire.
  • Kitchen Staff & Host/Hostess will receive a free badge, access to the staff hospitality suite, and, if needed, a comped room at the hotel.

Submitting an application

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Setting – Embassy Suites Atrium




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