Cheer On the Honey Tea Maid Cafe Crew at Special Shows Friday and Sunday!

In order to better accommodate CDC recommendations for the safety of staff and attendees both, we’re unable to do our usual maid cafe set-up in the Embassy Suites.  You can still get food at the hotel, but to do what we’ve done the past few years wouldn’t work well in a pandemic setting.

Don’t fret though, as we’ve come up with a temporary change to still give you a taste of what the Honey Tea Maid Cafe offers.  On Friday and Sunday, we’ll be doing special performances in the Main Events Room in the St. Charles Convention Center.  Attendees will be able to cheer on their favorite maids and butlers in a socially distant set-up within a bigger room, alongside the venue’s hospital grade air filter system to better protect all involved.  Some activities may be included in-between performances.  Come support your Honey Tea Maid Cafe!

Because of rollovers and a different format for 2021, we will not be opening applications for Maid Cafe staff for 2021’s convention.  Thank you though to those that expressed interest!




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