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Cosplay & Costuming

MangoSirene – Sponsored by Arda Wigs


Nina Lynn (“Mango Sirene”) is a cosplayer, YouTube vlogger, and Twitch streamer based in the Midwest United States. After discovering cosplay back in 2007, she was instantly hooked. Despite having no prior experience with clothing fabrication, she jumped headfirst into the world of costuming, quickly teaching herself how to sew, style wigs, make props, and model her outfits. Her passion for the hobby eventually led to her becoming a fashion major during college, and she now collaborates with Simplicity Creative as a pattern designer and liaison for all things cosplay.

Nina has been an active member of the cosplay community since attending that first convention in 2007, having made more than 100 costumes over the past ten years. Her YouTube channel, which focuses on tutorials, convention vlogs, and other cosplay fun, has garnered over 4.5 million views and 76,000 subscribers. Using her degree in fashion design and her prior experience in theater, she frequently acts as a craftsmanship and performance judge for convention masquerades, and she herself has taken home several awards, including Best In Show and Best Skit Performance. Her focus behind everything she does is on creating a welcoming environment for those who are new to the hobby, all the while maintaining focus on the most important aspect of cosplay: having fun and striving to do your very best!


Momo Kurumi


Cosplayer, seamstress, and artist, Momo Kurumi is known for her colorful tributes to various movie, cartoon, and video game characters. Her interest in cosplay started in 2007, and soon grew to a passionate hobby and career. She has made over 60 cosplays, won many awards for her craftsmanship, and been featured on various sites for her character likeness. Momo has even worked in costuming at Disney, focusing in parades. Her specialty was the nighttime electrical parade, which boasted costumes and floats with over 1,500,000 LED lights!

A strong proponent of “anyone can cosplay”, she seeks to keep the spirit of fun alive in cosplay. It is her goal to inspire others to follow their passions, just as she was inspired when she started cosplay. She is also a passionate advocate for acceptance in cosplay, and seeks to spread positivity and words of encouragement to cosplayers of all skill levels.

As of late, she has begun creating printable sewing patterns on Patreon, and posting cosplay videos on YouTube to give back to this amazing community. Her channel features various tutorials and informational videos, a series that breaks down her costumes piece by piece, and other videos that her love for cosplay! Aside from cosplaying, she is also passionate about illustration, photography, and film, which helps her to create her range of content. Always eager to learn, Momo is constantly looking for new ways to challenge her artistic skills!


Ex-Shadow and Malindachan




When Malindachan first got into cosplay in 2004, she never expected it would have such an impact on her lifestyle. Always a crafty individual, she found cosplay to be the perfect outlet for her urge to make geeky things that looked cool. She especially loves styling wigs and giving back to the cosplay community through her tutorials. Over the years Malinda has been featured in various publications and won several awards for her craftsmanship and performances. Originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, she now works for Arda Wigs in Chicago.


Kyle (aka Ex-Shadow), has been cosplaying since 2004, and has attended dozens of conventions and events throughout the United States since he first started. To him, cosplay is an art; it is a way of breathing life into his favorite characters. His specialties are mascots, armor, and props, but he’s no stranger to sewing either. He always strives to improve his costuming skills, and he loves to pass on anything he learns along the way. He has won many awards for his costumes, judged costume contests at numerous events, and hosts costuming panels and workshops with his wife Malinda.