Hard Decora


Hard Decora is an apparel and illustration brand that promotes aggressive individuality.  Kamilah Jones started Hard Decora in 2014 after being inspired by a single photo on Tumblr on a fairy kei girl carrying a pastel gun.  What if there was a Harajuku fashion girl gang that could stand up for the misfits just by being themselves?  And that’s not so far out of the realm of reality because when we wear these bold clothes, we are challenging the status quo by just existing.  However, a lot of us keep our greatest expression to ourselves.  That’s why Hard Decora creates work that does the defending for you.
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Website – harddecora.com


Enchanted Dream Wear

Enchanted Dream Wear is a new US based indie brand. 3 years ago we design and make handmade lolita accessories, since then our company has grown to making handbags, socks,  dresses and shoes. Our main goal is to create well made dresses that fits comfortably to western body size. We strive to create unique elegant quality items that are well thought of to the smallest details. https://www.instagram.com/enchanteddreamwear/ 

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