Doubletree’s Clinton Room

Found that special someone yet? Or want to meet new people in a comfortable setting? Stop by at one of our numerous rounds of Doki Doki Speed Dating! Saturday and Sunday we are setting up a comfortable setting where you can meet various people in a set amount of time, meeting those you would of possibly never came across! The times are as follows…

Saturday, 5:00 PM
Saturday, 9:00 PM
Sunday, 11:00 AM
Sunday, 2:00 PM

We highly recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early as the past year we had an overwhelming amount of people sign up. Once our quota is met each round, we sadly have to turn down the remaining attendees. Everyone will be split into 2 categories, one for those interested in girls and one for guys. Interested in both categories? Choose one and then stop by another round for the other! You’ll then be asked to provide your name and age and then in return, receive a badge with a number. From there someone will seat you and the rest will be explained on site. Afterwards, they’ll explain how you’ll receive your results.

Hopefully you’ll find someone that’ll make your heart go “Doki Doki” or maybe a new con best friend!

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