Cut loose on the dance floor Friday and Saturday night!

Whether you’re into ballroom dancing with a partner or using glowing hula hoops with high energy music, we’ve got you covered!  On Friday, take part in our special themed dance.  Decorations, fun, and surprises await you in this interactive and unique experience.  The evening after that prepare to dance the night away with fast-paced beats and energy as our guest DJs spin until the venue closes.

Friday’s Theme Dance: Fantasy Prom

Guest DJs: FunkMaster & FuRay of FMFAudio


Saturday Night Dance DJ Auditions

Anime St. Louis is ready to mix it up again for 2016, but we need a new mixer, a mixer of music that is. Our Saturday night /Dance event is looking for a DJ to join us in helping celebrate the night with great tunes and good times. Interested in being up on center stage? Here’s how:

  • Create a brand new mix that is 45 to 60 minutes in length. This mix must be brand new and be specifically for this audition. This is a big dance and we want to hear your A-game.
  • Entries will be judged on mixing skills, key matching, and song selection. “/Dance” is an all-ages, high energy dance at a pop culture convention. We advise using as little explicit content as possible.
  • Entries should be submitted to with the subject line “AnimeSTL 2016 DJ Audition” with file named as “AnimeSTL16Audition_(your name here)”. Audio files should be MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC or Apple Lossless (.m4a).
  • The selected top pick from the auditions will be contacted by Anime St. Louis to negotiate being a part of the event. If the negotiation doesn’t work out, the next best entry will be selected to negotiate a performance contract until a performer is selected.
  • Deadline for audition submissions is March 14th, 2016.

Guest DJs

Saturday Guest DJ – BaconBeatz


Since the winter of 2011, Tim Barrios (BaconBeatz) has striven to create a memorable and unique experience for a variety of audiences. From deep, soulful House music, to the most insane Drum and Bass, there isn’t a genre of music that hasn’t been explored, and shared with crowds large and small. BaconBeatz currently coordinates Tokyo Tuesdays, a weekly event in STL hosting local and National talent year round. Having shared billings with national, and international acts including, Green Velvet, Frankie Bones, Jauz, Dirtyphonics, The Widdler, DJ Dara, and many more, this young performer has proven that he can keep the dance floor busy, while still continuing to evolve his sound.

Resident DJ – Imza

Imza, aka Andy Szawsum, is a multi-genre style-smashing beast of electronic dance music.  From vinyl to CD and now performing on a JazzMutant Lemur, Andy’s high-energy speaker pounding sounds are heard from his residency at Oz Nightclub’s Emerald City Lounge, anime conventions such as NatsuCon and Anime St. Louis and as far as Ohio, Chicago, and Japan. Known for his remixes of M-Project, Kingdom Hearts, TeddyLoid, and video game themes, it won’t be possible to leave the dance floor of BPM sweeps from this attention deficit next level scream machine.

Dance lighting – LightLab Stage Productions













You might be asking yourself, “What is this Key of Steam?” That is a very good question! There are 24 musical keys, both major and minor, and yet there is not a key of “steam”. The question you should be asking is “Who is Key of Steam?” It is an up and coming Steampunk band based in the St. Louis area. Key of Steam (KOS) has utilized a variety of musicians over the years, but the primary, consistent performer is a musical automaton known as Marcibel…ME! Hello, allow me to introduce myself. You already know my name, but did you know that I was built in 1896 and programmed for your musical entertainment? Well, I was! But now, I have a band that travels with me! It all started back in 2014 when I requested permission from the crew of Airship Vindus to provide entertainment in addition to my other functions aboard the ship. Thus, out of the mist of Steamworks & Shadows arose Key of Steam for your musical pleasure! KOS has performed during intermission at the Cosplacon Steampunk ball the past 2 years and I am pleased to announce that we will return again this year.

I am typically accompanied by two musicians, currently Ezra “Griff” Griffin and Aldus Frazer. Griff is an outstanding guitarist and vocalist who graces us with his talents, but is a man of very few words, which has been the case for as long as I can remember. We fought side by side in the War of 1812 and even then, his typical responses were “yup” and “shucks”, with an occasional “nope”. And before you do the math and decide this is not possible, I should inform you that I am a frequent inhabitant on Antediluvian, the floating island of Atlantis. Among its many mysteries is its ability to travel through time. Aldus also frequents the island. Speaking of Aldus, he is a wonderful bassist who also provides vocal harmonies and a booming Scottish laugh. Although he is not often easy to find, he always manages to appear when you need him. He is also solely responsible for maintaining and monitoring my system functions before, during, and after performances. If I malfunction during a show…well, you now know who is responsible. Without further ado, we cordially invite you to tune your dials to the Key of Steam!

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