Website Patch Notes V2.012.3

I blame online gaming for the title.  Got room for some more Anime St. Louis updates?  Here’s a couple:

There’s plenty more to come this month.  Stay tuned.

Online Pre-registration Now Available!

We apologize for the wait, but online pre-registration is now available!  We wanted to try using a new system for this year.  However, putting it together and getting it running was not going as planned.  So we will be using the same system as last year.  Maybe in the future we will have the new system ready to go, but we did not want to keep anyone waiting any longer.  You can head to the registration page through the link at the top, or though the various links in this postThey all lead to the same page.  As another quick note, there is an error on the pricing sheet.  Children ages 6 and under are free, while ages 7-12 are $10 for the weekend.  We’ll get that error fixed shortly.  Otherwise, we thank you for your patience and we can’t wait to see you at Anime St. Louis 2012.  Thank you!